Step Inside Rifle Paper Co.'s Mom-Friendly Office Space

With a company culture Rifle Paper Co.'s founder Anna Bond states is hard-working and lively and an office style she would describe as "functional, minimal, and modern" nothing is surprising about the design of the below serene space. What is surprising? The small room in the company’s office building was recently transformed into a nursing room for new mothers. “For the first time we had new mothers coming back to work who wanted to nurse,” Bond says. “Our office uses the maximum amount of space and is very open so we rented a small room as a nursing room.”

To decorate the space, Bond called on the company’s own print work and supplemented with pieces sourced from Wayfair. “It was important to me to create a space that felt really purposeful and special,” Bond said of the small room. “Coming back to work as a new mom can be a difficult transition and I wanted this aspect of it to be as comfortable as possible.” Adding a cozy arm chair, reading light, decorative accessories, and of course, beautiful artwork, transformed the previously blank space into a calming retreat for new mothers. Keep scrolling for a peek.