The Rifle Paper Co. and Loloi Collaboration Brings Nature Inside

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Delicate hand-painted paper goods and vibrant pops of color have set Rifle Paper Co. apart from the stationary brands of the world. It continues to spark awe and bring fun to sometimes monotone home office necessities, and thank-you notes. And now, it's bringing that same whimsey to rugs and pillows in the new collaboration with Loloi.

Rifle Paper Co. began in 2009 as an online shop aiming to provide beautiful and well-made paper goods that has since expanded into planners, drinkware, and even wallpaper. And 12 years later, the same husband and wife team, Anna and Nathan Bond, are still producing new products that inspire us to put pen to paper more often.

The Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi collection is an airy, nature-inspired collection of rugs and pillows that elegantly welcome the outdoors into your home. Featuring a combination of Loloi rugs' vibrant, handmade, detailed textiles and Rifle Paper Co.'s signature soft florals and artistic touches, you'll find pieces with bohemian accents, artistic farm animals, and delicate greenery that is sure to transform any room in your home.

From illustrated animals and stylized foliage to an 18th-century farmhouse motif inspired by one of my trips to France, there is truly a story to uncover in every design. – Anna Bond, Co-creator of Rifle Paper Co.

While a collection of purely pillows and rugs may seem rather bare, rest assured, this collection is far more than that. Available in a variety of sizes, each pillow's artwork has been hand-painted with personal touches by Anna Bond herself. Butterflies, garden oases, and hand-woven embroideries all add a touch of warmth to your living room. And since woodland creatures seem to be all the rage in the decor world, these pieces are a subtle way to introduce this trend into your space.

We love that each rug in this collection tells a story. From French and Armenian-inspired Sarouk materials to pieces with bold crimson and amber, these 100 percent polyester-polyethylene rugs draw directly from inspirations in Bond's life. You'll be transported to France through the detailing in the Menagerie collection, and get a glimpse of traditional style rugs with more neutral tones from the Palais collection.

The new collection features fun, playful designs that will refresh any space. – Anna Bond, Co-founder of Rifle Paper Co.

This entire collection is available for purchase on both Rifle Paper Co. and Loloi Rug's website, however, some products are available for pre-order. Scroll through to see some of our favorites before they sell out.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi Menagerie Collection Les Fauves Black Rug

MEN-01 Les Fauves Black

Courtesy of Loloi Rugs

Featuring dainty florals, illustrated animals, and perfectly painted treetops, this 20th-century art-inspired rug transports you right to the French forest. A crimson border jazzes up this darker-hued rug.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi French Marigold Embroidered Pillow

French Marigold Embroidered Pillow

Courtesy of Loloi Rugs

The perfect addition to any couch, bed, or chaise lounge, this adorable throw pillow is delicate and stylish. Embroidered French marigold flowers, a butterfly, and tassels, evoke feelings of spring with every glance.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi Jungle Embroidered Pillow

Jungle Embroidered Pillow

Courtesy of Rifle Paper Co.

Add some jungle vibes to your home with this poppy green pillow. Hand-embroidered tigers and monkeys alongside vibrant flowers are sure to make you smile.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi Meadow Crimson Printed Rug

Meadow Crimson Printed Rug

Courtesy of Loloi Rugs

Bond pulled inspiration for the joyful flowers from French gardens, so it's definitely chic. We love that it's made on a polyester base, meaning it's stain-resistant, comfortable to walk on, and won't fade over time.

Rifle Paper Co. x Loloi Wildwood Embroidered Pillow

Wildwood Embroidered Pillow

Courtesy of Loloi Rugs

This oblong pillow will make itself right at home on your couch, hammock, or bed. Offered in black or cream, each features mossy branches with six different florals that simply beckons you to get comfy.