This New Company Wants to Help Dress Up Your Dining Table

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Courtesy of Rigby

Behind every delicious, mouth-watering meal is a divine set of dinnerware. Blame it on the rise of foodstagrams or our growing desire to curate every square inch of our homes to perfect, but we’ve recently noticed a major surge in well-appointed plates, bowls, and coffee mugs.

Want to up your tablescape game but don’t know where to start? Meet Rigby, a gorgeous dinnerware line that launched this summer. 

When traveling in Europe, founder Sara Kelly stumbled across ceramic plates that made her meals feel more special. Though she wound up purchasing six plates, she was struggling to find dinnerware that had the same quality stateside. 

“I’m a single professional and could not relate to the wedding registry-focused messaging in the market,” she explains. “I also couldn’t find pieces that had a modern design as well as a story of craftsmanship.”

Kelly wasn’t alone in this frustration. Turns out, plenty of her friends were struggling to find plates, cups, and silverware they were actually proud to show off. Once she had the original lightbulb idea, Kelly spent two years researching the dinnerware industry and eventually launched Rigby in August.

copper flatware
Rigby Home Satin Copper Flatware Set $280

From sleek drinking glasses, to plates and bowls made from stoneware, to metallic flatware in a dreamy, satin finish, Rigby has your entire dining experience covered.

“I wanted to streamline the product selection process for our customers and steer away from entertaining-focused messaging and products,” Kelly explains.

To create enviable dinnerware similar to the pieces she originally found in Europe, Kelly has all pieces made in Portugal. Rigby’s glasses and dishes are made in Portgual’s Leiria region, while the flatware is created in Braga. 

mint dinner plate
Rigby Home Dinner Plate Set $64

Each design decision was made to make scarfing down a home-cooked meal or leftovers a streamlined (and enjoyable!) experience. For example, the flatware boasts a rounded silhouette that’s easy and comfortable to hold. Available in four colors—white, mint, light grey, and charcoal navy—the plates and bowls are easily stackable and feature a subtle rim to keep food from spilling off the sides.

We know what you’re thinking: What’s the catch? A steep price tag? Not quite. Rigby knows that quality dinnerware shouldn’t have to cost you a small fortune, so all wares are worthwhile investment that won’t break the bank. For example, a set of four dinner plates costs $64 while Rigby’s 20-piece flatware set is available for $280. Sure, it may seem pricey at first but when you do the math—and consider how often you’ll actually use each piece—you realize it’s a great deal on high-quality, handmade dinnerware.

short drinking glass
Rigby Home Short Drinking Glass Set $56

But Rigby has more to offer than great design and a reasonable price point. Whether you are a certified home chef or only know how to whip up a heaping plate of mac and cheese, Kelly aims to create an eating empire that puts her customers’ lives front and center. 

“Our brand message focuses on real life and how people actually interact with tableware on a daily basis,” She says. I didn’t want to create another Instagram-perfect brand—Rigby is a little messy. I want people in all life stages, as well as both men and women, to be able to relate to our brand and to our products.”

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