Your New Nondairy Milk Alternative Is Here

Now that almond milk has officially gone from a fringe alternative to the mainstream choice of health-conscious milk drinkers everywhere, it was only a matter of time before a new, even healthier nondairy milk hit the market.

Say hello to Ripple, a new brand of milk made from peas—yes, peas—set to hit shelves this May. We know what you’re thinking. Green milk? Um, no thanks. Well, Ripple is actually made from yellow peas and will taste and look very similar to almond milk.

It also boasts eight grams of protein per cup, which is how much traditional cow milk offers. The kicker here is pea milk’s calorie count, which at 75 calories per cup, is 11 calories less than a cup of skim milk. And even though cow milk is known for its calcium benefits, pea milk contains even more calcium, less sugar, and omega-3 fats.

Now that we’ve determined that pea milk wipes the floor with cow milk when it comes to health benefits, how does it compare to almond milk, which has surpassed soy as the most popular nondairy milk alternative?

For starters, pea milk boasts eight times the protein of almond milk, but 35 more calories per cup—a fair tradeoff, if you ask us. Pea milk also trumps soy milk in the nutrition department, with more calcium, more protein, and less sugar. But besides the obvious health benefits, another reason to consider moving from adopting pea milk is the well-documented impact almond farming has on the environment—especially in California, where each almond requires a gallon of water to produce.

Ripple will come in Original, Original Unsweetened, Vanilla, and Chocolate, and will retail for $5 for a 48-ounce bottle when it arrives at Whole Foods and Target stores nationwide early next month.

Make your glass of milk a sophisticated one with this Williams-Sonoma Edward Highball Glass, and tell us: Do you think pea milk will catch on?