Rise and Shine with Charlotte Ronson

Finding herself with some free time is a rare occurrence for Charlotte Ronson--like discovering a four-leaf clover or catching Miley Cyrus without her tongue out. The London-born fashion designer is on the go from the minute she wakes up-even her morning commute is filled with email replies and, if she's lucky, catching up on Instagram. With such a busy schedule, this East Village resident has her weekday morning routine down pat: iced coffee, walking her dog, Oliver Ronson, a quick shower, then off to work, and repeat. It's on the occasional laid-back weekend day that Ronson finally gets to relax a bit and deviate from her usual morning grind. Whether it's diving into the stacks of books that fill her apartment, cooking up some of the fluffiest, Julia Child-inspired scrambled eggs (the trick is to add water to the eggs and whisk with chopsticks--healthy and melt-in-your-mouth delicious), or buying fresh flowers to fill her light-filled place, Charlotte Ronson makes the most of her precious, work-free mornings. We asked the young tastemaker to share her neighborhood go-tos, what's on her current reading list, and why her apartment is the perfect place to spend a stress-free Sunday. What are your favorite East Village spots to hit in the morning? I love this neighborhood--it's so central and easy to get around. I usually get my coffee in the morning at La Colombe or go to my corner deli, Le Basket, for iced coffee. Le Basket is great. They have everything you need, plus a whole wall outside dedicated just to flowers. They have a great selection and are always very fresh. Your apartment is filled with books! What are you reading right now? I love to read. I try to keep most of my books--I can't ever really throw a book out. I'll either lend it to someone or pass it on. I just have to keep everything. I just downloaded a bunch of books on my iPad. It's really a great thing for traveling--you can carry them all with you without weighing yourself down. But I do love buying and actually owning books. I just finished reading the Amanda Knox book, Waiting to Be Heard, which was pretty amazing. I also bought a few new of books that I'm about to start: The History of Love by Nicole Krauss, The Interestings by Meg Wolitzer, Quiet by Susan Cain, and Nightwork by Christine Schutt, who was my English teacher in high school, which is kind of fun. How have you made your apartment a place where you really want to spend your mornings? I'm lucky enough to have so much light in my apartment. I think sunlight is so important to keep your mood up. I have a great big dining room table with chrome legs that's great to sit and eat at and do work on. In my living room I have a comfy couch and lots of different books--I can sit and watch TV and just be easy. I always try to have lots of flowers around my apartment, which just makes me happy. And all of my artwork too--I have lots of great prints by Harry Benson and I have this amazing drawing that I got by Aurel Schmidt. Having art and beautiful things around me really makes a difference. header
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Mu Ikat Pillow, $525, Madeline Weinrib Dauville Platinum Glazed Pebble Dish, from $20, Canvas Antoinette Daybed, $2313, Layla Grace
Photographs: Reid Rolls