Real Moms Say These Rituals for Kids Make Bedtime a Cinch

Thinking back your childhood, there's likely little routines you remember doing with your parents that you looked forward to on the regular (for me, it was singing certain songs and listening to the same stories before bed). "Repetition is an essential part of ingraining healthy messages in your children," says Jim Taylor, PhD, who believes that rituals for kids may have long-lasting benefits.

Mom and Superfashionable blogger Ananda Saba Patel agrees, saying, "I'm a true believer in routine for the kids and I think it really helps them to know what's going to happen and when. We eat at the same time, we take a bath at the same time and go to bed at the same time. They know when it's time for those things—and they expect it."

Hands down, a bedtime ritual is one of the most common routines that parents use, and it can be one of the most memorable for kids (hey, I still remember mine). With that in mind, we decided to tap seven real moms to see the unique ways they do bedtime to bond with their little ones—and make it easier for all. From tackling nighttime anxiety to staying on schedule while traveling to correcting past p.m. faux pas, these busy moms opened up about it all. Keep reading to see how they make bedtime work while making memories at the same time.