The One Recipe You Should Master This Fall

If there's one food that defines the fall season, it's squash. Although it's largely considered a vegetable, experts will try to convince you that the gourd is actually a fruit because of its seeds. Among the winter varieties of the fruit (or vegetable, depending on which team you side with), is the honeynut squash. It's a petite and sweet-tasting squash that's rather new to the mainstream cooking scene. According to Bon Appétit, it only first started popping up at farmers markets a few years ago.

For those adventurous enough to try their hand at cooking with the unique food, start with a simple roasted squash recipe. From the kitchen at Farmhouse, a Los Angeles farm-to-table restaurant, comes this delectable roasted honeynut squash recipe. It calls for honeynut squash, braised kale, and a tofu orange sauce with dukkah and pomegranate seeds. Learn how to make the healthy dish below.