A One-Bedroom West Village Apartment With Worldly Style

Styling a small space can be challenging at the best of times, but how do you swap a 3500-square-foot home for a one-bedroom apartment? This is exactly what popular decorator Rodman Primack did when he downscaled from his much-loved U.K. duplex with rooftop terrace and library to a studio in the West Village.

The result is a vibrant showcase of eclectic layering with an abundance of textiles, patterned throw pillows, interesting artwork, a touch of greenery, and an impressive 6-foot, 5-inch taxidermy of a peacock. The Idaho native is renowned for taking risks that pay off.

“I’m always looking to create conversations among things that don’t necessarily come from the same place,” he told New York Cottages & Gardens. “I don’t like rooms that are uninterrupted and serene,” he adds. “I’m attracted to rooms that are more precarious. I’m okay with imperfection.”

Scroll down to see more of this one-bedroom apartment through photos by Manuel Rodriguez for New York Cottages & Gardens