That's Amore—12 Romance Movies on Hulu to Add to Your Queue Right Now

My friends call me the TV queen because I somehow manage to fit in tons of random shows every week, even while juggling work, yoga, and freelance projects (the truth is that there's basically always a show on in the background at my apartment). And while Netflix has an amazing assortment of new movies—with prompts telling me what I'll like, thank you very much—sometimes I've already seen everything out at the moment. But this happens to be where the best romance movies on Hulu come in.

Although I usually turn to Hulu to catch up on all the shows that premiered earlier that week, it's also got some hidden gems when it comes to movies. And why romance? Well, I think I probably forgot to mention that I'm particularly a sucker for romance flicks (yes, I will admit I stayed in one weekend night watching The Prince & Me 4, although it would have been much better if Julia Stiles had starred in it like the original). So the next time you're craving a love story in movie form, it's time to turn to the romance movies on Hulu we're loving. From classics to little-known favorites and everything in between, take a peek to see what we've been watching.