25 Romantic Anniversary Ideas That'll Make You Fall in Love All Over Again


Kate Ogata 

When it comes to being in a strong relationship, you don't need anyone to tell you how it feels. You already know that it's stable and accepting, which makes you calm and secure. You're also aware that it can be fun and (at times) serious, which makes you grateful for the good times and also careful during those growing pains. Being in a solid partnership comes with a lot of emotions, but you've felt them out—and it's ultimately all positive. But planning an anniversary date can come with its own set of complicated feelings. After all, when something is already good, what's the best way to make it better?

If you have a big milestone coming up and you're feeling stressed about how to celebrate it, see how these 25 romantic anniversary date ideas resonate. We've made a few plans according to how new or established your relationship may be, from the promising one-year mark to a decade or more of commitment, and we included options that are as budget-friendly or splurge-worthy as you please. Hopefully, these ideas will dispel any negative vibes that you may have about planning the occasion. Because when a relationship feels good, then celebrating it should feel even better.