Romantic Ways to Text Goodnight

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Saying goodnight to your partner via text is a thoughtful way to let him or her know that he or she’s on your mind, but you don’t want to just send any text. In fact, when it comes to texting your partner goodnight, it’s truly in your best interest to incorporate romance, as this not only makes what you send far memorable and meaningful, but it also shows him or her just how much you care. So if you’re wondering how you can create that perfect romantic text message to send to that perfect person, here are eight ways to say goodnight in a special way that lets your partner know just how special he or she is to you.

"Dreaming About You" Texts

Sure, you can always text, “goodnight” or “sweet dreams,” but if you’re looking to increase the romance between you and your partner, it’s important that you take this sweet sentiment to the next level. Besides, is your partner your dream mate? Do you hope to dream about him or her and vice versa? When you’re looking to text goodnight in a romantic way, letting your partner know that he or she’ll be in your dreams will likely put your partner on cloud nine before falling asleep.

Song Lyrics

Another romantic way to say goodnight via text is to send a song lyric that exemplifies exactly how you feel about your partner. With this in mind, there are numerous songs that can let your partner know that you’re thinking about him or her as you go to sleep. Plus, you can even send a link to the YouTube video of the song you’re quoting so that your partner can get the full romantic experience.

"Wish You Were Here" Texts

If you’re looking to send a romantic goodnight text to that special someone, letting him or her know that you miss them can also help to get your message across. In fact, this lets your partner know just how important his or her presence is to you, and even as you’re about to fall asleep, all you can think about is being together.


Sending poetry can be an unforgettable way to say goodnight, and it can truly help to play up the romance in any text message as well. And while you can certainly write your own poem, don’t be afraid to rely on the classics, including Lord Byron, William Wordsworth, and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Their words of love and romance truly transcend time, and incorporating them into your text message can make a similar lasting impression on your partner.

Your Own Meme

While you can always send a goodnight kissy face, wink face and/or sleeping face, there’s something extra-special and romantic about creating something digital just for your partner. With this in mind, there are many easy ways for you to create your own meme that can be personalized and specialized just for your partner. In a word, taking the time to make something for your partner lets this person know that his or her happiness is worth your time.

A Personal Video

If you’re looking to truly bump up the romance in your goodnight text, don’t forget that you can literally say goodnight to your partner in a video. In fact, making a video gives you the perfect opportunity to tell your partner exactly how you feel, that you wish the two of you were together and that he or she’ll be in your dreams. Remember, even when you can’t physically be together, this specialized video text can help bring you closer in a new way. 

Your Own Goodnight Language

Another highly romantic and personal way to text your partner goodnight is to create your own code that only you and your partner understand. In fact, the two of you can truly make your own language that enables both of you to say goodnight in a way that’s special and private. For instance, you and your partner can designate, “moon dreams,” “pillow kiss” and even the word, “Starlight,” to mean goodnight for the two of you.

"I Can't Wait Until We..." Texts

You can also text goodnight in a romantic way by making a reference to what you’ll be doing the next time you’re together. After all, not only does this create a sense of excitement and anticipation, but it also lets your partner know just how much you’re looking forward to being with him or her again. In a word, saying goodnight in this romantic way can make tomorrow even brighter and more enticing in every sense.     

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