Eating Gelato by Rome's Iconic Fountains Is Officially a Thing of the Past

Updated 06/28/17

Rome is famous for a plethora of historic and iconic attractions, some of the most notable being the city's famed-fountains. The capital is also known for the numerous delicious food (namely, gelato) stands surrounding these tourist-heavy destinations. And while sight-seeing and enjoying a sweet treat has long been a staple of touring the city, you'll now have to hold (off on) the cone, while cooling off during a stop at the Trevi (and 15 of the city's other fountains). As recently reported by Refinery29, Rome is now banning food and drink from these historical monuments.

Mayor Virginia Raggi made the official announcement that "snacking—as well as swimming, climbing, washing pets, and throwing objects into the water—is prohibited at the popular tourist destinations through the end of October." While the new ban may come as a bummer for many tourists, the restrictions have been put in place with the best interest of the city in mind as an attempt to preserve and protect these iconic and treasured sites. 

"The beauty of Rome must be respected by everyone,” Raggi further explained the ban in a statement, according to Roma Today. "That's why I signed an order for the protection of the fountains of particular historic and artistic interest. We do not tolerate incidents against the urban decorum rules and we want to protect the historical, artistic and archaeological heritage of Rome. And for those who transgress the prohibitions are provided for fines of up to € 240.” 

Since you won't be able to indulge near these iconic attractions, invest in some of the best gelato to enjoy at home.

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