Locals-Only: An Italian Winemaker on How to Eat and Drink Your Way Through Rome


Photos: Fashion Me Now. Graphic: Viviana Duron

In the immortal words of the late Anthony Bourdain, "It's easy to fall in love with Rome." Upon touching down in the Italian capital city, I feel the force of this sentiment with every curious, cobble-stoned step. The ancient metropolis is imbued with an otherworldly charm; even small fixtures like the doors and windows, framed by tendrils of cascading vines and monstera leaves, were positively enchanting (my camera roll can attest to this).

This beauty is further punctuated by the enduring ruins of the fallen Roman Empire, which are haphazardly peppered throughout the city and beyond. Symbols of strength and dominance, these relics have stood the test of time, serving as modern-day pillars of beauty and resilience for the Roman people. Every hand-laid brick, window shutter, and street lamp in the city seems to have been marinated in a rich, 2,000-year history far beyond my comprehension, and I feel lucky just to be in their presence.

This trip was hosted by Barone Fini Wines. Editors' opinions are her own.