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8 Tips for Designing a Lovely Rose Garden at Home

Large rose bush filled with different varieties.

Panorama Garden Estate

Roses are such an incredible addition to any garden. With thousands of vigorous varieties to grow, you’re sure to find a type that works best for you. Though the flower is a bit fussy, you’ll be thrilled with the results when the flowers begin to bloom.

When it comes to designing a rose garden, there aren’t many ways you can go wrong. We rounded up several beautiful garden designs to serve as some inspiration—now get out and get gardening!

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Let It Run Wild

Wild rose garden with white roses.

Cotswold Diary

What plants want most is to grow, so why not give them the opportunity to do that to the fullest? This wild garden from Cotswold Diary is a lovely example of what happens when you let rose bushes have free rein in the garden.

Cotswold Diary also has a few tips for establishing a rose garden of your own, including which varieties are best and how to care for them.

“The best English roses are bred by David Austin, and they are very easy to take care of,” they state. “If you have repeat-flowering roses, make sure you deadhead them. Roses love water, but not too much, and it's best to water your roses first thing in the morning. Aim for the roots so the roses can absorb the water—that's where the plant needs water, not the leaves.”

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Plant Multiple Varieties

Large rose garden with lots of varieties of roses.


Before you get planting for the spring, plan out which varieties of roses you’d like to grow based on their growth patterns and bloom colors. Make a monochromatic rose garden with shades of pink, for example, or sprinkle in some white and coral varieties for a more organic look.

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Make It Soft and Sweet

Light pink roses.

Garden Lili

These soft pink and white blooms are absolutely darling in this rose garden by Garden Lili. If the look of red roses is too intense for your taste, this style will embellish your garden perfectly.

Roses are sun-loving flowers and can benefit from 6-8 hours of sun per day. Make sure to place your garden bed in a spot that gets lots of direct sunlight.

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Overflow a Fence

Lots of pink rose bushes overflowing on white fence.

Raymond Forbes Photography/Stocksy

Roses are as perfect in your front yard as they are in your backyard. Train your roses to run along your fence for some showstopping curb appeal, and plant in large groupings to create this stunning overflow effect.

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Pack a Punch

Bright magenta rose bush.

The Bev Hills Belle

Enhance your exterior landscaping with a pop of bright color from roses like this. The vivid magenta hue brings some sunshine to your typical trees and bushes, and it is sure to attract lots of people looking for a great photo op.

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Keep It Classic

Red rose vine trailing up house.

The Laundry Garden

Nothing says elegance like a red rose, so why not include them in your landscaping? This trail of red roses along a stone exterior instantly brings some vibrance and romance to the home. Looking at this design, we’re instantly transported to the English countryside—even if only in our heads.

Be mindful when planting trailing roses over entryways and doors to keep a healthy distance between the plant and the doorway—you don't want to be scratched by leaves or thorns upon entering.

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Or Go for Something Unique

Bright coral rose bush.

The Laundry Garden

Where classic red roses function in one part of the home, delicate and unique coral roses can shine in another part. We love the incredible pop of color these blooms bring to The Laundry Garden.

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Embrace Cottagecore

Large rose bush filled with different varieties.

Panorama Garden Estate

Name a more beautiful rose garden—we’ll wait. With lush bushes and lots of variety, this rose garden is truly breathtaking, towering high over this cottage-inspired garden bed. Establishing a plot of roses like this takes lots of dedication, time, and patience, but the end result is worth all your effort.