Mini Rose Apple Tarte Tatin

Tarte tatin is a family recipe for me. There are a few pies and cakes that make the cut: devil's food cake with marshmallow frosting, Tina's pumpkin pecan pie, and Spooky's rum cake. Tarte tatin is yet another to add to the list, and one of my favorites. It's essentially an upside-down apple tart, made with four ingredients (apples, butter, sugar, and pie dough). It could not be simpler and, because of that, its flavor is deep and rich, almost like you pressurized the apples until, like diamonds, they changed their form into something wonderful. I love apples and rosewater as a flavor combination, so that's what I did here, along with candied rose petals for the garnish. You're welcome to omit the rose and just serve with whipped cream. This is a recipe where simplicity rules, so don't get too far in front of it by adding a ton of extra flavors. Enjoy!