Would You Live in This Artsy Rotating Home?

The idea of a rotating modernist home—one that tilts and twirls depending on the weight distribution of its inhabitants—is certainly interesting in theory and would make a great pitch for a futuristic, design-based theme park. But would you believe us if we told you it existed as a functional residence in real life? Meet ReActor, an actual structure created by design duo Ward Shelley and Alex Schweder for the OMI Art Center in upstate New York. Indeed, the project aims to represent and explore the relationship between artist and art, home and inhabitant.

And since we, too, briefly wondered how many gallons of Dramamine we’d have to pump into our systems before enduring five nights of potential motion sickness in ReActor, we understand that it’s a piece of performance art you’ll have to see to believe. You’re in luck—a glimpse of the project was caught on camera. Watch the video to see this visual masterpiece, and think about whether you’d consider living in a rotating home. Regardless of what camp you land in, ReActor communicates a clear message, literally and metaphorically: Life’s a balancing act.