These Round Area Rugs Will Instantly Elevate Your Small Space

Updated 05/21/18
Round Area Rugs

Round area rugs are like the forgotten hidden gems of carpeting. Rarely used in day-to-day life, they certainly aren't as popular as their rectangular counterpart and, to a certain extent, aren't as easy to place in a room either. But certain spaces are just begging for round area rugs, especially smaller rooms: large entryways, dining rooms with round tables, even nurseries. 

How do you know if your space needs a round area rug? If you can fit a pedestal table in your entryway, opted for a round dining table or want to add texture to a smaller sitting space or nursery, try it out. Round rugs also work exceptionally well when layered atop another larger rug. Give your small space a brand new life—these are the best round area rugs on the market right now.

Round Jute Rug
Serena & Lily Round Jute Rug $128

Give your space a boho flair with this round jute patterned area rug. Use it in an entryway paired with wall hooks displaying your collection of beach basket bags or straw hats.

Lucent Rug
West Elm Lucent Rug $299

Minimalists, rejoice. This subtly shiny rug from West Elm is available in a round shape that's soft underfoot, making it ideal for any low-traffic space from a second living space to a nursery.

NuLoom Hand Woven Rigo Jute Rug $262

As classic as they come, this round jute area rug has an eight-inch diameter, so it'll fit even under a larger round dining table.

Hawking Round Black Jute Rug 6'
CB2 Hawking Round Black Jute Rug $179

This simple black jute rug is ideal for a low maintenance minimalist space. Add a round white marble tulip table on top. 

Tom Dixon Stripe Rug $2000

This unique sumptuously hand-knotted round area rug by Tom Dixon creates a unique statement that works beautifully as the base for a small round dining table.

Colonial Mills Boston Common Mills Braided Area Rug $160

This round rag area rug screams country home. Give your rustic space a laid-back vibe with this virtually indestructible timeless rug.

ABC Home Ethos Silk Round Rug $12800

Give your home the royal treatment with this pure silk rug from ABC Rug. It's a statement piece that will shine in any large entryway.

Bordered Round Jute Rug
West Elm Bordered Round Jute Rug $249

Beachy and laid-back, this round area jute rug comes in a variety of colorways and lends itself well to a large entryway.

Safavieh Aubry Woven Rug $180

Like many other Target rugs, this one comes in a variety of sizes and shapes, including round. Give your space a modern bohemian edge.

Be Who We Are Blue Shag Rug 6'
CB2 Be Who We Are Blue Shag Rug $699

Take a trip down memory lane with this retro round shag rug that oozes '70s California cool. Pair with a lava lamp for maximum effect.

Pottery Barn Border Round Jute Rug $179 $143

If you're looking for the perfect durable classic jute rug, look no further. This Pottery Barn number is what you need.

Watermark Round Rug
West Elm Watermark Round Rug $899 $279

Your space will feel entirely unique with this watercolor round area rug from West Elm. It's also available in a 10-inch diameter for extra-large dining spaces.

Savafieh Izzy Vintage Rug $203

This monochrome Turkish-inspired round rug will give a sophisticated yet modern flair to any entryway or small dining room.

Round Cotton & Jute Rug
Serena & Lily Round Cotton & Jute Rug $298

This striped jute rug is almost as classic as it comes, but with a fun eye-catching twist. Let it shine in a large modern entryway. 

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