Boost Clarity and Creativity With This Before and After Sleep Routine

Though you might not realize it, your subconscious has a lot more to do with determining your reality than you think. It's always working, as it controls vital bodily functions like your heartbeat, blood circulation, and digestion, and therefore influences your conscious as it presides over everything internally. That being said, when you can learn how to channel your subconscious thoughts, you'll gain more control over your conscious state, which yields better results when it comes to clarity and creativity. is sharing a simple 10-minute routine to do before and after you sleep, which does just that, and we're breaking down the key pointers below.

Before bed. Give your subconscious some direction. You can do this by simply meditating or writing down your thoughts or "requests"—the more specific the better. These can be things you want to accomplish or explore. If you do this before bed, your subconscious will get to work on taking care of answering these questions or requests while you sleep. 

Ten minutes after waking. While you're sleeping, your subconscious mind has time to ponder your thoughts and make contextual and temporal connections with your conscious. This explains why your brain is most readily creative immediately after waking up. Instead of reaching for your phone or computer, repeat the before-bed routine by meditating or writing down thoughts or goals in our notes or journal. This will allow you to channel your subconscious and conscious thoughts in your most clear and creative state, and you'll be able to generate the best ideas or harness better insight about something you're reaching for or trying to overcome.

The overall goal is to be able to connect your thoughts, both consciously and subconsciously, to formulate a blueprint for reality and create conditions that will allow you to accomplish your goals, answer your questions, and fulfill your own requests.

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