One of Your Favorite Furniture Companies Now Makes Luxurious, Silky Sheets

Bed with black silk sheets

Rove Concepts

At the verge of sounding extra, a nice pair of sheets is hands-down the most important purchase for your bedroom. The average person spends a third of their life in bed—and that's just factoring in sleep, not time spent binge-watching whatever’s new on Netflix—so your bed deserves to be outfitted to the nines. And, no, a cheap set of scratchy sheets isn’t designed with the sweetest of dreams in mind.

Bringing the beauty back to our sleep cycle is the Rora Collection, a new luxury bedding line from Rove Concepts. 

For the most discerning dweller, Rove Concepts needs no introduction. The brand has been outfitting every inch of your home with sleek furniture and accessories since its founding in 2011. Now, Rove Concepts is infusing its well-appointed eye to bedding. 

The collection features two natural materials—silk and bamboo—that not only look nice, but work with your body. 

charcoal sheet set
Rove Concepts Rora Organic Bamboo Sheets, Queen $148

"We define luxury as elegant, comfortable, and natural,” explains Art Lee, the brand’s co-founder. “We want Rora to embody the beauty, timelessness, and sustainability of pure silk and organic bamboo fiber.”

Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial, silk is known to naturally regulate your body’s temperature, de-frizz your hair, and keep inevitable wrinkles at bay. The organic bamboo used in the Rora Collection, on the other hand, is an eco-friendly alternative to crisp cotton sheets. Plus, bamboo is also antimicrobial, which will keep your sheets from filling with germs.

White silk sheet set
Rove Concepts Rora Mulberry Charmeuse Silk Sheet Set, Queen $545

But while comfort and practicality are of the utmost importance, the Rora Collection does not skimp on style. Finished in a dreamy neutral color palette, these sheets offer the perfect base to your “unmade” made bed.

The one catch is that these sheets aren't necessarily cheap. While a set of organic bamboo sheets start at $148, a pure silk set can cost you $545. Sure, it’s pricey, but could make a worthwhile investment if you have some extra cash to spend.

After all, a good night’s sleep is truly priceless. 

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