Roxy Jacenko's 7 Golden Rules for Email

Updated 11/23/18
Courtesy of Home My Design

To say Roxy Jacenko is efficient on email would arguably be the understatement of the century. The founder and CEO of Sweaty Betty PR and The Ministry of Talent manages to reply to each and every email like the speed of light, and with replies that are incomparably polite, professional, and proactive. And the same can also be said for her well-trained team. In light of this, we set about finding out the insight on how we can all match this inspiring business woman’s email etiquette, day after day.

Read on for Jacenko’s 7 golden rules for email and prepare to watch your career flourish.

Whenever emailing someone you've never met before, either in person or via email, always start the email with “Dear”—it's more professional and sleek that “To” or “Hi”.

Keep the subject line clear and relevant to the content of the email—this is useful for the addressee at the time of opening the email and also when searching their archives.

Write emails that are clear, professional, and precise—don't be too casual or indirect as tone can get lost or misinterpreted in emails.

Don't write overly long or complex emails—everyone is busy and dealing with inbox overload. Keep it to the point.

Use good old fashioned manners! Don't forget to use please, thank you, and a genuine sign off—it's simple but often forgotten and goes a long way.

Proof read and double check your emails. Emailing is no excuse for poor grammar or punctuation. A well written email is a lot easier to read.

Reply and deal with emails as soon as possible—at least the same day. Don't leave questions unanswered or emails unattended. It is unprofessional. Even if you can't give an exact answer at the time, let the other person know you are working on it and will be back in touch as soon as possible.

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