Guess How Much Will and Kate's Yearly Allowance Is

Yesterday, Buckingham Palace shared some details on how much it costs to live the glamorous lives of the prince and princess of England. As it turns out, Prince Charles foots the yearly $4.6 million bill to cover the staff, travel, and wardrobes of William, Kate, and Prince Harry. Charles pulls these funds from the Duchy of Cornwall, a large estate given to the heir of the throne that provides the prince with a $31.1 million yearly income. 

The $4.6 million the trio of young royals shares does not cover the costs of their personal staffs (like nannies for Prince George and Princess Charlotte), nor did it go toward the renovation of William and Kate's Anmer Hall country home, the cost of which was a gift from the queen. Unlike in years past, the palace did not disclose how much of the allowance goes toward Kate's wardrobe, though we'd love to know.

For more details on what it costs to live the life of British royalty, head to People.

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