7 Byron Bay-Inspired Baby Names You'll Want to Steal

Matthews and a baby

Tess Leopold

There are pages and pages of baby names out there (and we've written many of lists ourselves), but we know all too well the demand for unique names. Finding one that you and your S.O. agree on is tough, but what's tougher is finding a name that resonates with you and your values. Names that won't go out of trend, and that are strong and gender-neutral, are also on our most-desirable list. So we obviously had to ask Byron Bay model and influencer, Ruby Tuesday Matthews her secrets to choosing the coolest baby names. (Case in point: Her son is called Rocket.) The mother of one—who is also expecting her second bub—is a country girl with a big heart, and an even bigger list of Byron Bay–inspired baby names. We spoke with the down-to-earth beauty on all things motherhood and her new range of children's clothing, Roo Australia (stay tuned).

Byron Bay–Inspired Baby Names

  • Zephyr
  • Ziggy
  • Banjo
  • Tallow
  • Lennox
  • Honey
  • Blossom

MYDOMAINE AUSTRALIA: What does being a mother mean to you?

RUBY TUESDAY MATTHEWS: Being a mother is to always sleep with one eye open (trust me, sleep is never the same), to stitch your heart on your sleeve but have it ripped off at least 10 times a day—if you can't tell I have a toddler—but it also means to feel a love truly like no other. Motherhood has changed me for the better; it has taught me selflessness, deep love, understanding, compassion, patience, and so much more. To me, it's truly the meaning of my life.

Matthews with baby clinging to her leg
Tess Leopold

MD: What's your favorite thing about motherhood?

RTM: When Rocket gives me a kiss. I know that sounds corny, but honestly, it's the best feeling in the world.

Matthews holding baby

Photographer: Tess Leopold; Hair: Emily @ Edwards and Co; Makeup: Luciana Rose: Creative direction: Bianca Boulden.

MD: Where did the idea to create a kid's clothing line come from?

RTM: I came up with the idea to do a baby/kids range because of the sheer lack of basic, non-daggy print, unisex clothing. I feel it's important for little people (especially toddlers) to have free creative reign when it comes to dressing themselves, but you still want to be able to leave the house with a child that doesn't look like the Mad Hatter. So I've created a line that allows mixing and matching with complimentary earthy colors and beautiful natural fabrics that will last.

While waiting for Roo Australia to launch, shop beautiful children's wear from this Sydney boutique.

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