This Spirit Had a Bad Name But Now It’s Summer's Sexiest Drink

Updated 08/28/17
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We've been predicting the It cocktail for this summer all winter, and while discussing what will take over the Aperol spritz and frosé, we're thinking that rum is going to be the in-demand summer spirit doing the rounds. Not sure how you feel about that? Hear us out. We know it's developed a slightly dingy reputation in Australia, with the uninspiring rum and coke order in a seedy pub being its most common appearance. But the truth is, the rum has an exciting and exotic heritage, with most quality brands originating from the Caribbean.

Many a tropical classic cocktail also contain the spirit, with the girl's night favourite the daiquiri, plus the ever-popular mai tai both containing rum. 

So, in celebration of International Rum Day today, we chatted to Sheldon Spencer, an ambassador for Appleton Estate Kingston, who shared his tips for what's sure to be everywhere in the next few months. 

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Rum is Versatile and Perfect for Summer Cocktails

"Rum can be mixed in a variety of ways, and with a quality premium-aged rum, the flavours come through in a simple mixed drink, as well as cocktails. This flavour profile beautifully complements fruity, zesty summery drinks. My personal favourites are citrusy cocktails, like a planter's punch or a three dots and a dash."

a classic australian flavour is the latest trend in rum cocktails

"I recently visited Australia and have been experimenting with some of the flavours I found there. My new favourite cocktail combines freshly pressed sugar cane juice with lime juice and lemon myrtle, a native Australian herb."

this is what you should look for when finding a good quality rum

"Look for a premium rum with a rich history. The age statement will be a good indicator of the intensity of the flavour. Authentic Jamaican rum will have a geographical indication, meaning it's been made with the highest quality using traditional processes."

Mix your own rum cocktails:

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For more cocktails using rum, see Appleton's Estate cocktail recipes online.

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