The Trick to Living Longer May Be Jogging Instead of Running, Study Shows

Updated 06/28/17
jogging for health

Not only does regularly working out keep the body strong, but it also keeps the mind strong by helping control anxiety. (And those mood-boosting endorphins don't hurt either.) As with all workouts, we assume that the harder we push ourselves and the longer we exercise, the better it is for our health. That’s why when it comes to running, most of us think the faster and longer we run, the better. But new research shows that running shorter distances at a slower pace play a part in living longer.

A study published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology found that people who jog regularly but don’t push themselves to fast speeds or long distances tend to live longer, Women's Running reports. The research studied around 1100 joggers and about 4000 people who never jogged and found that the joggers had a higher life expectancy after 10 years (no surprise there). The group of joggers itself was split into three subcategories—light joggers, moderate joggers, and “strenuous joggers”—and this is where the results get interesting.

The researchers found that the light joggers lived longest, followed by the moderate joggers, but the “strenuous joggers” actually had the same life expectancy as non-joggers. What’s more, the research showed it was optimal to jog slowly for one to about two and a half miles two to three times a week. So the next time you don’t think you have time to work out, remind yourself that staying healthy doesn’t mean you have to run five miles or push yourself the whole way. Go for a short, slow run, and enjoy the view.

Does it surprise you that you may have to run slower to live longer? Share your thoughts below.

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