5 Rustic Bedrooms We Totally Want to Re-Create (and Cozy Up In)

After a long day, the first thing you probably want to do is sit down and unwind at home. Whether you realize it or not, the way your abode is decorated plays a huge part in how easily you’re able to relax—which is where the idea of rustic bedrooms comes in. The term “rustic” is kind of ambiguous, but it just means more traditional with a countryside flair. Think of nature-inspired details, mood lighting, ultra-soft throw blankets, and tons of natural light.

Out of all the spots in your place, you likely spend the most time in your room (rightfully so, seeing as you sleep there). What we like about rustic bedrooms is that the style of design was made for cozying up (especially with colder temps on the way). Below find five of our favorite tips for creating your own rustic bedroom—from little tweaks to an all-out makeover, we have you covered.


rustic bedroom
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Brown, gray, and white. Commit to basic hues that harken back to more traditional times (note that even the picture frame is in the same color family). When accessorizing, avoid ultra-modern extras: an antique floor candle and a glass bottle vase are the perfect accents. Side note: The décor remains the same throughout the house, so the hallway leading to the bedroom helps create the rustic vibe before you even step a foot in the door.

install a barn ceiling

barn ceiling
Nicole Franzen

If you want to jump on this trend in your bedroom, perhaps the easiest fix is to add a barn ceiling. Try to keep the wood paneling a deeper shade since it automatically adds warmth and a sense of coziness. Let your main source of light be a plain pendant hanging from the top for a vibe that feels both last century and minimal.

incorporate metals

modern rustic bedroom
Studio McGee

For a more modern take on the style, the trick is mixing several types of metal. Start with a thin four-poster bed frame reminiscent of farm machinery, then rely on shiny gold sconces for a touch of newness. In this instance, mixing fresher pieces with the traditional keeps it from looking like you’re trying too hard.

opt for allover paneling

wood paneling bedroom
Bauer Media

Go for wood, wood, and even more wood for a bit of a treehouse feel. Stick to the same type on ceilings and walls, while floors are best a shade lighter or darker. When it comes to furniture, pick pieces with brighter accents so it never veers gloomy.

keep it simple

colorful rustic bedroom
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Foregoing a headboard keeps the focus on the wooden beams throughout this rustic bedroom. The vibe is carried throughout with the use of a blue-and-white palette (and what appears to be a handwoven blanket draped at the bottom of the bed). Windows sans drapery provide some natural light (although shades help when you don’t want an early wake-up call from the sun).

Which of these rustic bedrooms is more your style? Sound off in the comments.

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