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20 Rustic Kitchen Island Ideas to Complement Any Farmhouse Space

A farmhouse kitchen with a wooden island tucked underneath rustic metal pendant lights

Whittney Parkinson Design

An island can do a lot for your kitchen: islands expand your storage set-up, giving you extra drawers and cabinets to fill, they turn dead space into counter space, giving you more room to cook and share meals, and they change the way your kitchen looks. With the simple addition of a rustic island, you can bring some homespun charm to an otherwise-sleek space—or put the perfect finishing touches on a cozy farmhouse kitchen

Since rustic style is so wide-ranging, there are plenty of kitchen island ideas to play with. Your rustic kitchen island can be hardy and practical, weathered and traditional, playful and charming—or some combination of the three. 

But in every case, it’s sure to leave your kitchen feeling warmer and homier, adding a welcome dose of function and form to your space.

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Invest in a Solid Wood Island

A rustic kitchen with a large wooden island topped with sleek marble countertops

Ashley Montgomery Design

Islands often come in fun colors and sleek materials, but if you want to make sure your island looks rustic, snag a solid wood option. Wood is a classic material in any rustic interior. Plus, it wears well, so it’ll leave you with a durable island that looks great now and gets even better with age.

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Paint Your Island a Fun Color

An all-white kitchen island with a light blue beadboard island

Amy Bartlam

Rustic kitchens aren’t supposed to be picture-perfect, so ditch the pristine palette and paint your island a fun color, instead. Keep things traditionally homey with a pastel shade, like light blue or washed-out mauve, or take a chance on a brighter color, like yellow or green.

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Keep It Classic With Butcher-Block Countertops

An off-white rustic kitchen with a black kitchen island topped with butcher block countertops

Post Company

When picking out kitchen countertops, you have a lot of options. But butcher block is one of the most rustic around. Forgo the sleek marbles and trendy quartzes you keep seeing, and line your countertops with hardy wood, instead.

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Set the Scene With Rustic Pendant Lights

A farmhouse kitchen with a wooden island tucked underneath rustic metal pendant lights

Whittney Parkinson Design

One underrated way to change the way your island looks? Switch out the pendant lights above it. By replacing your sleekest fixtures with a set of rustic pendant lights, you can cast your island in a homier light—without touching your island at all.

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Line Your Island With Sturdy Beadboard

An all-white kitchen with a wooden kitchen island lined with blonde beadboard

Ashley Montgomery Design

Looking for a rustic way to dress up your kitchen island? Line the sides of it with beadboard. Since the wood paneling is so traditional and hard-wearing, it’s a perfect pick for any rustic space. Plus, the beadboard will add a welcome dose of texture to your island.

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Distress Your Paint Job

A large kitchen island with a distressed black paint job

Becca Interiors

Bid adieu to perfect paint jobs. In a rustic interior, chipped paint isn’t just okay—it’s welcome. So embrace the way your island’s paint job wears away with age, or speed up the process by distressing the paint job yourself.

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Score a Classic Farmhouse Sink

A rustic kitchen island with a white farmhouse sink

mStarr Design

Low on sink space? Outfit your island with a sink, and choose that sink with care. A classic farmhouse sink will make your island feel more rustic while making your entire kitchen more functional.

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Stock Up on Old Bar Stools

A kitchen island lined with rustic wooden bar stools

Whittney Parkinson Design

Turn your island into a dining nook by lining it with bar stools, and use those bar stools to cement your island’s rustic look. By stocking up on vintage bar stools—or piecing together a collection of mismatched chairs—you can add a pop of rustic style to your island, while treating yourself to some eat-in space.

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Top Your Island With Metal

A black kitchen island topped with rustic metal countertops

Rikki Snyder

Stainless steel may not be the first material that comes to mind with a rustic island. But it’s a surprisingly great pick for any homespun space. Why? The material is unapologetically practical, so it’ll fit right in with your hard-wearing fixtures. Plus, it’ll add a pop of contrast to your kitchen, bringing out the rustic accents in your space.

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Transform an Antique Table

An all-white kitchen with a rustic kitchen table that's been turned into an island

Jessica Nelson Design

When adding an island to your kitchen, your options aren’t limited to store-bought islands or built-ins. Instead of snagging a new piece of furniture, you can repurpose an old one, transforming a vintage table into the island you’ve been looking for. This unexpected approach should feel casual and homey—a perfect combination for any rustic kitchen.

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Pick an Unusually Dark Wood Stain

An all-white kitchen with a white kitchen island topped with dark-stained butcher block countertops

Katie Martinez Design

Any wood stain will look great on your rustic kitchen island. But if you want your space to feel extra homey, stick with a darker stain. While light wood stains can read sleek and modern, dark wood stains almost always feel cozy and traditional.

The pop of dark wood is sure to make your kitchen feel more rustic, even if it’s filled with sleek marble and crisp white cabinetry.

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Outfit Your Drawers With Bin Pulls

A maximalist rustic kitchen with kitchen and island cabinets lined with rustic bin pulls

Ashley Montgomery Design

Hardware may not turn heads the way curtains and countertops do. But little details, like door handles and drawer pulls, can change the way your island feels. Don’t just stick with the hardware your island came with—remove the sleek knobs and handles, and replace them with rustic bin pulls, instead.

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Leave Your Island Unpainted

An all-white kitchen with a wooden island that's been left unpainted

Jessica Nelson Design

One easy way to make your island feel more rustic? Paint your kitchen cabinets and leave your island as is. The pop of natural wood will stand out in your sleekly painted kitchen, and it will make your island feel more rustic, even if it’s outfitted with the same countertops and hardware as all your kitchen cabinets.

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Stock Up on Rustic Storage Crates

An all-white kitchen with a mint green island topped with butcher block countertops and lined with rustic storage crates

Becca Interiors

As you stock up on décor for your rustic island, keep an eye out for vintage storage crates. The weathered accents will make any island feel more rustic. Plus, they’ll expand your storage set-up, making it easier to keep your must-haves organized. 

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DIY an Island From Scratch

An all-white kitchen with a rustic island made from old, unfinished wood

Milk and Honey Life

The beauty of a rustic kitchen island? It doesn’t have to look picture-perfect. If you’re struggling to find an island that ticks all your boxes, DIY an island that does. Snag some wood at your local hardware store and piece together an island from scratch, or take an existing island and outfit it with handy features, like a towel rack and some hooks.

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Sneak in Some Wooden Accents

A white kitchen island lined with exposed wooden details

Naked Kitchens

Want your island to match your cabinetry, while still feeling more rustic than the rest of your space? Paint it the same color as your cabinets, but leave a few wooden details exposed. With just a few unpainted panels, you can capture the textured warmth of wood—without sacrificing the look of uniform cabinetry.

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Paint Over Your Drawer Pulls

A kitchen with white cabinets, white countertops, and a light blue kitchen island with matching light blue drawer pulls

Katie LeClercq

If you decide to repaint your kitchen island, don’t worry about pristine workmanship. Leave some of your brush strokes visible, and paint over door knobs, drawer pulls, and hinges. These imperfect touches will make the paint job feel more homespun, adding a little handmade texture to your island.

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Snag an Island on Wheels

A kitchen with white top cabinets, black base cabinets, and a black kitchen island that sits atop caster wheels

Rikki Snyder

There are lots of good reasons to snag an island on wheels. Rolling islands are handy and adaptable—easy to move wherever you need them. Sure, they might not look as polished as a built-in that matches your cabinetry. But in a rustic kitchen, handy and homespun wins over polished and pristine every time.

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Top Things Off With Some Freshly Picked Flowers

A farmhouse kitchen with a rustic kitchen island topped with a vase of fresh flowers

The Grit and Polish

Put the finishing touches on your island with a vase of freshly picked flowers, and don’t just run to the nearest florist to grab a pristine bouquet. Forage for flowers in your own backyard, and fill a vase with what you find. The bouquet you end up with is bound to look rustic—and it’s sure to lend your space some welcoming, homey warmth.

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Snag an Iron Storage Rack

A rustic island tucked underneath an iron storage rack lined with dishes, silverware, and dried plants

Ashley Montgomery Design

Craving more kitchen storage space? Snag an iron storage rack, and mount it above your island—or on a wall nearby. The open storage solution will put your kitchenware on full display, giving you an opportunity to showcase your favorite rustic pieces.