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20 Cozy Rustic Living Rooms You'll Want to Curl Up In All Winter

emily henderson rustic living room

Design: Emily Henderson Design, Photo: Sara Ligorria-Tramp

If the thought of a rustic space transports you to a cabin in the woods, it's time you refresh your home décor eye. Although typical details include exposed beams, raw wood flooring, original bricks, and stonework, rustic decor can actually run the gamut from farmhouse quaint to coastal chic.

In its most basic definition, rustic describes a design that is natural, rough, aged, and casual—it's simple with an earthy feel about it. One of the defining characteristics of a rustic home, whether it's cottage or coastal, is the use of natural materials, like stone, tons of wood, burlap, leather accents, and reclaimed items. Load up on the antique furniture (or antique-inspired counterparts) with plenty of patina and natural materials like stone and clay to set the scene. Furthermore, the color palette (unsurprisingly) swings neutral and warm-toned, with earthy notes of brown, gray, green, and white. 

Ahead, 20 rustic living rooms that will inspire you to create a space so cozy, you'll want to cuddle up on the couch all winter long. 

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Leather And Stone

Who said rustic can't be equal parts modern? This open and airy space proves you can have the best of both worlds. A leather couch in a sleek shape, paired with a geometric coffee table sets the floor plan, while the built-in fireplace on the dark stone mantel ties it all together. Finally, the warm wood and window doors bring the best of the outdoors, indoors.

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Floor-To-Ceiling Whitewash

The floor-to-ceiling whitewash planks in this living room are the epitome of rustic, while exposed beams give this space a barnyard feel in the coziest way. The addition of mismatched plaid patterns and a fuzzy rug will make you want to cuddle up in a blanket all winter long.

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Fur-Like Textures

If cabin in the woods is, in fact, your aesthetic, get ready to load up on some mountainous essentials. Look for furniture in warm wood tones and dress up the space with fur textures (extra points for a really good faux finding).

Try DIYing a side table out of actual wood slabs, as seen in this living room.

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Winter Props

If you're looking to turn your year-round rustic decor into a cold-weather friendly setup this winter, all you need is a handful of props to up the cozy factor. Drape a fringed throw blanket over your favorite chair for instant texture. Next, stack some logs in your fireplace (whether you plan to burn them or not). Lastly, candles and books are the final accessories that make your space impossible to leave this winter.

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Natural Lines

A secret to creating the ultimate rustic retreat is to stick to natural and organic lines. In other words, don't choose anything too structured. This living room features the ultimate natural coffee table, but a gander around the room exposes many more natural lines. The wood and leather accent chairs boast rounded edges and curved lines, like on the armrests and seat. Even the art on the wall displays lines with tons of movement.

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Rustic Minimal

If you're struggling between deciding on rustic or minimal, allow this living room to inspire you to achieve both at once. The white color palette keeps things clean and streamlined, while the addition of concrete (on the pendant light) and wood infuse tons of natural, rustic vibes.

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Wooden Canvas

If you're lucky enough to be working with a space that already boasts tons of exposed wood, the hard part is already done. A living room like this one screams rustic at its core with its exposed beams, wooden wall paneling, and natural floors set the tone for a cozy space off the bat.

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Lived-In Details

The secret to achieving the feeling of a rustic space is to invest in lived-in details. Items like a vintage-looking sconce, a reclaimed door, or a distressed Persian rug are the details that pull this living room together. Those gorgeous chairs pointed at the wrought-iron windows are just the cherry on top.

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Woodsy Illusions

If you don't have a view of forest landscape right outside your window, that doesn't mean you can't feast your eyes on miles worth of pine trees swaying in the distance. Large photos of your ideal view will transport you to the setting of your choice. The wood paneling, wood-burning stove, and throw pillows just add to the ambiance.

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There's no better way to let the natural beauty of the outdoors in than to upgrade your space with oversized windows. The natural light makes the exposed beams, stone fireplace, and cozy textures in this space shine.

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Natural Fibers

Transform your entire space by giving existing pieces in your collection a facelift. For a rustic look, upholster basic pieces, like armchairs, in natural fibers and dress them up with cozy elements, like faux fur pelts.

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Reclaimed Everything

For a shabby chic take on the rustic trend, opt for home décor accessories in reclaimed wood finishes. Window frames add texture to walls and reclaimed ladders double as shelves, while a distressed coffee table and lamps add tons of character.

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Modern Rustic

This black, white, and brown space feels super modern but a few accents throughout tip the scale toward rustic. The light fixture above and the stack of wood mounted on the wall near the fireplace strike just the right amount of natural elements.

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Texture Takeover

There's nothing cozier than an overload of texture, like in this living room. Load up on pillows and throw blankets, and get ready to cozy up all season long. The addition of shiplap on the walls, wooden furniture, and a jute rug make this room a sensorial wonder.

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Saving Shiplap

Installing shiplap is the first step in transforming your space into a rustic retreat. The oversized clock and vintage-inspired accents give this space a farmhouse feel, but the natural wood and steel elements make it supremely rustic.

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Dark-Stained Wood

Wood in every color can feel rustic, but a dark stain has winter written all over it. This dark wood room decorated with a light-colored couch and throw pillows look even better with the snowy scenery outside the massive windows.

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Shades Of Tan

This living room is decorated to perfection in a variety of tan shades. From the caramel couches to the natural wood coffee table, and the tones throughout the fireplace, rug, and pillows, all the different tones work together to create a perfect composition.

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Material Mixing

Exposed wood and original brick bring tons of warmth to a space. Additionally, raw concrete, like on this fireplace, feels modern. Mixing all three materials together strikes a balance between cozy and contemporary, but feels rustic in the best way.

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Mood Lighting

There's nothing like the right lighting to make you want to cozy up with a good book or long movie. Installing a dimmer on overhead lighting, adding some candles, and turning up a fire is just the way to set the scene.

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Flea Market Finds

The best part about creating a rustic space is upcycling vintage and flea-market finds. Giving old pieces a new home keeps items out of landfills, and makes for a gorgeous design that's unique and all your own.