Consider This Rustic Modern Barn House a Brief Mental Vacation From Your Day

When Paige Hull and her husband, Smoot, bought a rustic Texas farmhouse in 2011, they set out to complete a total gut renovation of the property originally built in 1982. "Our goal was to create a space with beautiful clean lines and a neutral canvas to incorporate our collection of vintage and found pieces into our lighting fixtures, furniture, and décor," Paige Hull tells MyDomaine.

One look at the covetable, spacious home and its modern interiors, and it's clear the couple brought their vision to fruition. The industrial cottage dubbed No. 1450 is just one of the multiple properties available to rent through the Hulls' boutique lodging and lifestyle brand The Vintage Round Top. Located in the Round Top, Texas—a town known for its vast antique offerings—it's no surprise the home is brimming with unique vintage gems.

"I've been collecting vintage and found objects for years, so we had a big collection to pull from," Hull explains. Along with her vintage pieces, the barn-like property also offers more modern embellishments, like crisp white walls, high ceilings, and a smart black exterior. The contrast between old and new is what gives the space its unique style. Keep scrolling to take a tour…