Buying Art Doesn't Have to Be Expensive—14 Affordable Saatchi Art Prints We Love

Saatchi Art
Courtesy of Elizabeth Roberts

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, which is partly why art is such a personal thing—much more than shopping for a sofa or bed linens. Of course, it can be tempting to buy art to fill a particular void on a wall or to harmonize with a specific color palette in a room, but we are proponents of buying art that fits your personality and just because you love it and figuring out where to put it afterward. After all, some of the best rooms involve art that, at first glance, might feel entirely out of place. Nate Berkus himself is a fan of breaking the rules and hanging art in unexpected places.

So where do you look for art that inspires you? Galleries can feel intimidating, and big-box stores can carry generic art that is uninspiring—so we like to turn to the internet, which is never short of art startups determined to make the process of buying cool art less intimidating and more transparent. One of our favorite destinations is Saatchi Art, which has a seemingly endless collection of artists from all over the world and sells pieces in all sizes and for all styles and budgets. Don't feel like splurging thousands on a single piece of art? We handpicked some of our favorite Saatchi Art pieces under $500.

Untitled No. 74 Drawing by Sumit Mehndiratta
Sumit Mehndiratta Untitled No. 28 $1150

Make a graphic statement with this series of four black-and-white line drawings by Indian artist Sumit Mehndiratta. The piece is meant to represent the behavior of how sound waves travel.

Beate Tubach Leaves $330

Add a touch of sunshine to your space with these monstera leaves printed on cheery white and yellow stripes by Swiss artist Beate Tubach.

Jungwoo Hong Daily Drawing 2017-53 - Print $120

This pink-and-red drawing is giving us Jean-Michel Basquiat vibes—without the price tag. It's part of a series of daily drawings by Korean artist Jungwoo Hong.

Alessandro La Civita #201 — Limited Edition 1 of 50 $145

This large colorful print reminds us of a confetti layer cake. Add a little sweetness to your life with this limited-edition print by Italian artist Alessandro La Civita.

Andy Shaw L.A. Raiders Skateboard Dog $120

Dog lovers, rejoice. Add a touch of whimsy to your space with this colorful print of a Los Angeles dog skateboarding. This is part of a larger series of dog prints by UK-based artist Andy Shaw.

Yasma Alkoraishi Road $420

Give your home Jack Kerouac vibes with this bright yellow open road Polaroid by artist Yasma Alkoraishi.

Iren Danyliuk Depth $530

Somehow, round canvases often feel more captivating than square ones. Ukrainian artist Iren Danyliuk uses them to showcase atmospheric abstract landscapes.

Henk Visser John Coltrane at the Piano $530

Black-and-white photography lovers and jazz buffs will love this photo of John Coltrane practicing in his dressing room at Concertgebouw in Amsterdam.

Ian Scaife Rose, Limited Edition 1 of 4 $435

Warm up your space with this graphic statement in sunset shades by UK-based artist Ian Scaife.

Katia Iosca Infinity (Limited Edition 10 of 50) $310

Take your space to infinity and beyond with this limited-edition lithograph of an infinity loop by French artist Katia Iosca.

Maryline Beauplet-Dornic Too Much Love Will Kill You $295

This colorful canvas in retro-inspired hues makes a graphic statement with its grids, stripes, and splatters. It was painted by French artist Maryline Beauplet-Dornic.

Michael Trombetta Portrait Sketch 1 $130

Portrait enthusiasts will love this pencil sketch by American artist Michael Trombetta. Arrange in a larger collection of portraits in a gallery wall for maximum impact.

Coca Cola Bottle Can Painting by Claude Charlier
Juan Sly Crushed Coke $4850

Andy Warhol may have popularized the Campbell can, but for British artist Juan Sly, a Coke can is the ideal subject. One of the UK's biggest sellers of original art, Sly has exhibited at the Saatchi alongside Banksy.

David Asch Nine — Limited Edition 1 of 3 $610

UK-based artist David Asch would like you to see this as a "calming image, softening the harsh, rigid demands of daily life with warm tones of a sunset." Something we definitely need more of in this day and age.

Which of these Saatchi Art pieces would you hang at home?

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