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IKEA's New Décor Collaboration From Lighting Designer Sabine Marcelis

Minimal and neutral living room with sculptural lighting.

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IKEA home décor—we know it and love it well. The home of all things chic and affordable when it comes to home furnishings, IKEA is a wonderful landing place for the décor obsessed, and its new collaboration is sure to shine a little light on your home.

IKEA is launching a luminous collection of homewares in collaboration with Dutch lighting designer Sabine Marcelis, slated to be in stores October of 2022. The collection is inspired by Marcelis's work, which largely focuses on the beauty of light and how the right lighting can improve homeowners' well-being. The collaboration with IKEA will bring Marcelis's signature design aesthetic to homeowners with the staple IKEA affordability in mind.

The range includes lighting solutions, glasses, bowls, mirrors, and more, and each of the pieces will enable people to add a bit of personality to your interior design as well as create unique sensorial experiences in the home. This collection marks the second collaboration between IKEA and Marcelis following her participation in the IKEA Art Event of 2021.

Marcelis's previous collaboration with the IKEA Art Collection 2021.

Courtesy of IKEA

Marcelis's previous collaboration with the IKEA Art Collection 2021.

IKEA embraces the importance of home and the way design impacts our lives. Our homes are more than just the place where we eat and sleep—they are our individual sanctuaries that reflect who we are. IKEA states that this collection with Sabine Marcelis is meant to take a closer look at light itself and bring it to life at home, plus how playing with lighting impacts the emotional value of decorating.

"I wanted to explore how light can be turned into something that is not just purely functional," Marcelis states. "Light has the ability to transform the look, feel, and atmosphere of the home for the better."

Light has the ability to transform the look, feel, and atmosphere of the home for the better.

Headshot of Sabine Marcelis.

Courtesy of IKEA

The collection is sure to include some unique lighting effects, and the pieces all illuminate from a direct or indirect source. While most of the products will be available for a limited time, some pieces are intended to be long-term additions to the IKEA lighting range.

"With this curious collection, we want to explore how light interacts with materials, texture, and color, and we wish to emphasize how beautiful home furnishings can have a positive effect on everyday life,” Henrik Most, the Product Design Leader at IKEA of Sweden AB, says. “The products will be a fantastic addition to the IKEA range as they showcase Sabine Marcelis' unique design language."

Marcelis stresses the importance of lighting in the home and notes that lighting does impact our emotions and feelings daily.

“Lighting, and design objects with integrated light, are more than functional home furnishing products," Marcelis notes. "Light has an impact on how we feel, it creates ambiance and atmosphere. Direct light and indirect light can create unexpected effects harmonizing or amplifying our surroundings.“