This Is the Safest Country to Visit If You're Traveling Solo

Updated 08/10/17

Between currency conversions and trying to order your morning brew in a foreign language, there's enough to worry about when traveling overseas without stressing over safety. If you've been contemplating a solo trip and aren't sure where to go, the World Economic Forum's latest report suggests one European country should top your list: Finland. The Nordic nation has officially been ranked the safest place in the world to visit.

Safety isn't the only reason to consider Finland. It was also recently named the fifth happiest country in the world and is celebrating the 100th anniversary of its independence this year. If you're considering venturing outside of Europe, Vogue scanned the recent report to compile a list of the top 10 safest countries, including Iceland and Singapore. Intriguingly, Oman and the UAE ranked high on the list, in conflict with the Global Peace Index.

1. Finland
2. The United Arab Emirates
3. Iceland
4. Oman
5. Hong Kong SAR
6. Singapore
7. Norway
8. Switzerland
9. Rwanda
10. Qatar

Have you been to Finland? Share your travel recommendations in the comments. 

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