This Color Will Dominate Your Pinterest Feed in 2018

Updated 01/31/18
Raquel Langworthy; DESIGN: Elizabeth Lawson Design

While Millennial Pink and jewel tones have been stealing the limelight of late, it turns out that another color has been quietly growing in popularity. If Pinterest's trend report is any indication, sage is set to be big.

"Sage varies from other shades of green in that it really acts as a neutral," explains Maryland-based designer Elizabeth Lawson. In the last 12 months, sage interiors saw a 170% spike on Pinterest, a trend that doesn't surprise Lawson. "I've definitely seen an uptick in the popularity of green recently in interiors, and it makes sense that sage is growing in popularity because it's such a useable shade," she says. It only takes one glance at her portfolio to see the diversity sage offers: a lick of sage paint adds interest to an all-white kitchen while soft green tiles create a serene color scheme in the bathroom.

Unsure how to decorate with Pinterest's color of the year? Start with the expert-approved tips to imbue your space with a sense of calm.

Decorate With Plants and Pillows

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"If you prefer not to paint but still want to inject some of this color into your space, accessories are a great way to do this," says Lawson. Experimenting with throws and pillows is a great way to gauge what the color will look like in your living room and bedroom. "Pillows in a sage tone work well with a number of neutral sofa colors, especially white and gray."

Decorating on a budget? Start with plants. "If you're on a tighter budget, the perfect sage accessories are plants. So many plants come in amazing shades of soft sage, for example, succulents, lambs ears, and even lilac," she says. "There is nothing that will freshen up a space faster than a gorgeous dose of green in a simple pot."

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Pair Sage Cabinets With Brass Hardware

DeVol Kitchens

All-white kitchens are timeless, but they can also lack personality. "As a designer, I'm constantly looking for new shades of paint that act as a neutral backdrop but are still interesting," says Lawson. "Sage fits the bill and is a great alternative to gray if you're looking for a little more color."

When renovating a client's wood-heavy kitchen, Lawson opted for two-tone cabinets—white on the upper cabinets and soft sage on the bottom. The finishing touch? Brass hardware. "Sage leans more toward the warmer side of things and pairs really well with satin brass hardware," she explains. "This combination keeps things feeling really light and clean."

Howard Cabinet Knob
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Opt for the Right Paint Finish

Raquel Langworthy; Elizabeth Lawson Design

If you're prepared to go all-out and paint a wall or room, think twice about the finish. "Sage is a muted color to begin with, so if you're painting an entire room in this shade, picking the right finish is key," she says. When in doubt, opt for eggshell. "An eggshell finish keeps things feeling soft and light and complements other finishes throughout the room."

Don't stop there, though. Now that you've chosen the soft green shade as your base color, it's time to choose complimentary accessories to balance the space. "I especially love sage with black or dark gray and blush tones," she says. "Don't be afraid to mix sage with something unexpected—you may be surprised by how well it works!"

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Add Character With Sage Tiles

Raquel Langworthy

In color psychology, sage is often associated with a sense of calm and renewal, making it a perfect choice for a serene bathroom. In this renovation project in Syracuse, New York, Lawson used subtle sage tiles to add personality and create a sanctuary for the owners. "I cannot get enough of colored cement tiles these days and the bathroom is such a fun place to use this," she tells MyDomaine. 

Balance is key when decorating with colored tiles, as your gaze is drawn down. "Sage is such a beautiful shade, but you want to be sure you balance out the color with other elements," she says. "In this project, we balanced out the sage green tiles on the floor with a light wood tone on the vanity, white walls, and matte black hardware."

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