Tour the Bohemian Manhattan Home of One of Sakara's Founders

When you step inside the bright, bohemian home of Sakara Life co-founder Danielle DuBoise, it's hard to believe you're still in Manhattan. The airy space is filled with lush greenery, natural finishes of jute and light wood, and pops of color via special pieces that give the loft Southwestern and worldly flare. The jungle bungalow is nestled in Chinatown in a historic cast-iron building built in 1888 as the Grand Theater (they found tickets in the floorboards when renovating).

Meet the Expert

Danielle DuBoise is the co-founder of Sakara Life, a 100% plant-based, organic, ready-to-eat meal delivery service. The company has been featured in major publications such as Oprah and the New York Times. DuBoise has also been listed on the Forbes 30 under 30 List.

"I wanted it to feel 'city' and 'airy' but also to have some of my Southwestern roots," explains DuBoise of the space. When she thought about what kind of vibe she wanted to bring into her new home, DuBoise immediately thought of Rachel Ashwell from Shabby Chic. "I've adored her designs since I was a little girl," DuBoise recalls. "Her furniture is so beautiful and elegant yet strong and sturdy." Duboise also called on the help of Brad Sherman of Float Studio to bring her vision to life. "We started with a neutral palette in the living room—white walls, white sectional, jute rug, natural wood coffee table, and side tables, and then layered in color with the dining chairs, pillows, plants, and personal items," recounts Sherman. "Danielle has a trove of accessories collected from years of thrift store finds, travel, and her Arizonian roots. I helped her curate the large furniture pieces and used the surfaces and walls to thoughtfully display her treasures." The result is "a bohemian jungle that captures the beautiful spirit of the two who live there," describes Sherman. The designer explains that when he works on a home, it's very important to him that you know exactly who lives there the moment you walk in.

"I idolize creative chaos, not perfection," notes DuBoise when explaining that her favorite thing about the space is that it's beautiful but not over-designed. "I don't want my life or my surroundings to be too done-up," she admits. Instead, she loves that the space feels earthy, organic, and fluid. "There's a place for everything, but that changes, and it doesn't impact the beauty of the rooms. I love how easy it is—I never feel worried about breaking anything or mussing anything up. It's breezy, yet graceful."

I idolize creative chaos, not perfection.

Head below to tour Danielle DuBoise's beautiful bohemian hideaway in the city.

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"New York can be a crazy place—lots of people and even more concrete," describes DuBoise. "I wanted our space to balance that out, so we went with lots of white and tons of plants."

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"It's like a jungle bungalow with a city backdrop," says Duboise. "I love the Lala sectional so much. It's luxurious and feels like you're sitting on a thousand clouds."

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"The coffee table is dramatic but light-toned, so it keeps the energy bright but distinctive," notes DuBoise.

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"My husband and I play music together," says DuBoise. "He's much better than I, but I'm learning! It's a nice way to connect and have downtime together after a crazy day."

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"The disco ball was made by my designer, Brad Sherman. I love that it adds a touch of disco to the music nook because that's our favorite genre and inspires much of the music we learn."

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"How gorgeous is that dining room table?" asks DuBoise. "It's so big and welcoming. We spend a lot of time there catching up after a big day or hosting friends and family for dinner. The chairs are IKEA, and we just painted them that royal blue. The color reminded me of Tulum!"

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This petrified wood side table holds a special place in DuBoise's heart. "My mom got it for me in Sedona, and it's one of my most treasured pieces." The Native American throw on the chair came from DuBoise's grandparents. "They bought it 40 years ago when decorating their Sedona home," she recounts. "It's one piece that has a lot of history and reminds me where I come from."

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DuBoise explains that the bedroom is where the Sedona/desert girl in her shines through. "It's Morocco meets Sedona," she says of the space. "I got the beautiful linen bedding from Shabby Chic, then placed my favorite Tibetan Tree of Life blanket on top. The pouf gives the room a lounge laid-back vibe that I love. And Brad, my designer, was big on bringing plants into every single room."

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DuBoise knew she wanted her home to reflect both her and her husband's personalities. "We're airy Geminis, so I wanted this space to be grounding but still have airiness to it," she explains. "That's about as far as I could go, which is why I called Brad. He's brilliant at taking a Pinterest board and a few sentences and turning a room into your dream space. I really don't know how he does it! It's exactly what I wanted."

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