Trust Me: This Detoxifying Tea Is Actually a Bloating Cure-All

When it comes to my laundry list of interests, our society's collective obsession with health and wellness sits near the top. I'm fascinated by our ill-advised plunge into the world of processed food in the 1950s and our reactionary pilgrimage back to the all-natural, organic lifestyle of our ancestors that we're currently experiencing. And if social media is any indication, this journey's path is paved with superfoods, green juices, and, of course, cleanses.

While some of the more extreme cleanses veer into dangerous and unhealthy territory, I've long been familiar with the Sakara Life brand and trust its balanced, holistic approach to health and food. So when the team approached me about trying its 10-day reset detox, I was all ears.

I'll be honest: I had a hard time sticking to the detox, which required cutting out alcohol, caffeine, dairy, gluten, and meat for a full 10 days. My lifestyle, which involves working late, ordering out, spending zero time in the kitchen, and attending regular press events fueled by cocktails, wine, and appetizers isn't well suited to a diet that requires so much cooking.

With that said, the cleanse enlightened me to some new recipes, lifestyle shifts, and products that I've since made a regular part of my routine. In addition to discovering that rice of any kind upsets my stomach and finding a go-to salad dressing recipe that I can realistically make myself, I've found yet another bloating cure in Sakara's detox tea, pictured in the mug below.