Samsung's New Fridge Might Be Smarter Than You Are

It feels like every day a new product emerges and inches us closer and closer to a life pulled straight from The Jetsons. Today’s window into the future comes courtesy of Samsung, whose new smart fridge is the latest kitchen appliance to be linked to the internet.

The Family Hub, as it’s being called, is intended to be just that: a central nervous system for a modern family on the go. Gone are the post-it-notes, flip calendars, and children’s drawings that adorn traditional refrigerators.

In their stead is a 21.5-inch touchscreen that transforms the fridge into a giant smartphone equipped with a camera system that allows families to monitor the contents of the fridge while away from home. Yes, shopping lists are apparently a thing of the past, too.

Other features include an app that reminds you of upcoming expiration dates in real time, and of course, that screen, which can be used as a television, a photo viewer, or a communal space to leave notes and reminders.

Of course any appliance that boasts this much technology doesn’t come cheap. The Family Hub retails for $5800. To put that into perspective, GE’s Profile Series refrigerator, which is considered top-of-the-line, retails at a $2149—peanuts in comparison.

Though it may not be for everyone (yet), Samsung’s Family Hub offers a scintillating look into a future where are appliances just might be smarter than we are.

Not ready for a smart fridge just yet? Try Grand Cuisine's The Blast Chiller, and let us know if you see any smart appliances in your future.