Inside a Striking Townhouse in San Francisco's Most Famous Neighborhood

Living far away from your family is never easy—especially when children come into the world. For one retired New York City couple, it was three children and multiple grandkids, all living on the West Coast, that prompted a move to the City by the Bay. The beautiful 1880s Victorian townhouse they landed on in San Francisco's Pacific Heights neighborhood could hardly have been a bigger departure from their Upper East Side apartment. The narrow, multiple-floor home had tall ceilings, ornate moldings, and sweeping views of the Golden Gate Bridge—not quite the ones the couple were used to on Madison Avenue.

To bring their vision to life, they called on the help of their interior designer Jennifer Vaughn-Miller—who had worked on projects for them on the East Coast. Having collaborated with the couple in the past, she knew exactly how to translate their aesthetic into a design that would also ring true to the home's architectural past: high ceilings; ornate wood detailing; and grand, oversize windows. Lucky for her, she had an impressive collection of art and antiques to pull from for the house—the goal was to bring them all together into a coherent whole. Step inside the stunningly restored San Francisco townhouse that stole our hearts—and pick up a few decorating tips for your own space.

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