Inside a Restored Midcentury Log Cabin We All Want to Retreat To

It's about this time when the New Year settles in and the workload ramps up that our minds naturally start to stray from our laptops to the windows adjacent to us. Who else is feeling seriously wanderlusty right now? It's not that we don't feel ambitious (we're all happily hustling for success), it's just that 2017 has had a pretty tumultuous start, and we're all looking for a weekend escape to dull the noise.

Enter the San Juan Islands, off the coast of Seattle. When this gorgeous midcentury log cabin first came across our desk, we fell hard and longed for a vacation home of our own in this dreamy location. But the cabin didn't always look this good. While the original log structure was maintained, Lisa Staton of Lisa Staton Design was tasked with overhauling the bedrooms and bathrooms (both upstairs and down), the mudroom, and kitchen, including the home's flooring throughout, all while keeping the home's heritage firmly intact.

"Our goal was to honor the quiet elegance of this location and to keep the home thoughtfully integrated with the natural surroundings," Staton told MyDomaine. "Even though we were adding modern amenities to the original log structure, we wanted the home to feel authentic to its past. This location is on a private island that's not accessible by ferry ride (you need to take a ferry and then row over by boat), which keeps the home feeling deeply rooted in nature. We wanted the inside to feel this way too. We also wanted to create an all-season retreat that's cozy in winter and airy in summer and could handle small and large gatherings easily." We think she nailed it. Let this striking sanctuary fuel your wanderlust, and shop the look to bring it home.