SJP and Gayle King's Hotel Suite Stiletto Party

When two powerhouse women such as Sarah Jessica Parker and Gayle King get together, you have to wonder what they'll talk about. Apparently, the common ground is not far off from that of any other red-blooded girl: shoes. SJP invited The Coveteur, along with Gayle and creative director of O Magazine Adam Glassman, to preview her new shoe collection (which launches February 28) at the Crosby Street Hotel in New York City. While nibbling on cronuts and macarons the two seemed to have about as much fun as kids left alone in a candy store. The Crosby proved to be the perfect setting as well, with its swirling paisley wallpaper, citrus upholstered beds, and nouveau accents. If life is indeed this much fun in SJP heels, they'll be off the shelves in no time. 5iZ5YW-0DzCr-NtLu8TxpViBMExbDP6SCUH8MXuWr8s O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-196 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-52 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-230 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-161 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-28 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-48 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-185 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-198 O_Mag_SJP_Gayle-31