Sarah Michelle Gellar Shares Her Back-to-School Essentials

Back-to-school season can be a challenging time for most moms: Organizing school lunches, coordinating drop-offs and pick-ups, and making sure their kids get their homework done is all in a day's work. As a mom of two young children, Sarah Michelle Gellar is very familiar with this scenario. So in an effort to simplify the stressful morning run, she teamed up with popular kids' clothing brand Crazy 8

We caught up with the actress at the brand's recent back-to-school event in Los Angeles, where she revealed her back-to-school essentials, the hot items her trend-setting kids are into right now, and the secret to having it all.

What are some of your favorite Crazy 8 back-to-school trends? What do you love about this brand?

“I’m a big believer that children should be able to express their individuality, and this is how they learn to do that, by dressing themselves, by picking things that they like, but at the same time, every parent has their rules of what’s appropriate. Like, my daughter, for instance, wants to be fashionable, and some of these young stores show all these crop tops, and some parents are okay with that. I happen to not be, and I love that Crazy 8 takes that into consideration. The fact you can be trendy and still age appropriate, and also budget conscious. You know, my kids grow, I swear, two inches a night, and what fit them yesterday doesn’t fit them today. It would be great to dress my children in an all French imports, but that’s not realistic for budgets, and to be able to shop under $20 for kids' items that are both fashionable, comfortable, and appropriate, to me is everything that you could ask for.” 

As a mother of two, what are your back-to-school clothing essentials? 
“At this age, they play hard, they get dirty, they stain stuff, so it’s not even just about getting one outfit per day, I swear I need three for my son. It’s also about layering; we live in California and we get up in the morning and it is cold and foggy. Then midday, it’s super hot and then it’s cold in the classrooms, so being able to layer is really key. I send them to school with a sweater and a jacket over that, and all the pieces work together.” 

You wore a striking Monique Lhuillier blue dress to the 2012 Golden Globes, and you said your daughter actually picked it out for you. They must be pretty stylish kids. What kind of clothing are Charlotte and Rocky into?

“She would love if I wore a ball gown every single day. In her mind, that’s what would be appropriate. My daughter is into anything that glitters and twirls. My son is very into his shoes. Every day, he wants to wear shoes from the moment he gets up. He has this pair of boots that have skulls on them, they’re his favorite, and it’s like the dead of summer, we’re going to the beach and he wants his boots. He likes high-tops, which is a pain because he can’t lace them, and he likes pockets. He loves to be able to put his hands in his pockets; he puts anything he can think of in there. He’s also discovered backpacks; he won’t take it off when he gets to school.”

Working moms are continually asked about how they do it all, but parenting isn’t just the mom; men have a huge role and want to be involved just as much as women now. Do you agree with fellow actresses Cate Blanchett and Natalie Portman that men should be asked these questions, too?

“That’s a really interesting question; I see both sides of it. I also feel for the men that they don’t get asked that, that it’s never assumed that they miss their children when they go to work. I know that my husband has the same issues when he leaves the house and doesn’t see them and I do. I think that there is an expectation on women that is unfair. At the same time, I also think if we want to change this and make it equal, then we have to put that same onus on the husbands and ask them the same questions. I want to show my children that my husband and I both do the cooking, we both do the cleaning, we both do the school drop-off and pick-up, and I think that’s the only way you can really break the cycle. You have to show them (that gender equality begins at home), it can’t just be only moms that cook in the kitchen. You know, I’m spoiled in my household, my husband went to culinary school, so I always assumed that he would do all the cooking, but he said it works both ways, and so then I have to learn my fair share of it.”

What are your back-to-school essentials? Let us know in the comments.