This Minimal Home Proves Accessories are All You Really Need for a Makeover

Updated 10/25/18
Omar Merced Photography

As the founder of Sydney's boutique colleges, The Fashion Institute and The Makeup Institute, one thing’s for sure: Sarah Stavrow knows style. Whether it’s in the sartorial sense, in the impeccable HQ she's created for her students, or within the home, after taking one look at Stavrow’s abode, we’re in awe. Also, convinced that with a few refined touches you can make any space feel luxe and personalised. Below, we interviewed Stavrow’s about the thought behind her Point Piper apartment and her favourite brands to style with.

Read on for her advice and to see some of our favourite images of the space.

Omar Merced Photography

What are some of your favourite design elements of the space?

I love the open, bright, and airy feel of the apartment and obviously the incredible view of Sydney Harbour. The view is constantly changing throughout the day, depending on the time and weather. The layout of the apartment is very well thought out, incorporating high ceilings, a wrap around balcony, floor-to-ceiling windows, and quality finishes. Also, the neutral palette has also allowed me to put my own unique identity into the apartment.

What was the main goal of the space?

I wanted to create a relaxed, calming, comfortable, and inspiring space that almost made me feel like I was on holidays the moment I walked through the doors after a long day at the office. My office is a complete contrast, it has an industrial feel with sharp lines, modern design elements and black/white features. I wanted the total opposite in my apartment and wanted to create almost a sanctuary. 

Omar Merced Photography

What are your favourite pieces in your home and why?

I feel in love with the wardrobe the moment I walked into the apartment. For someone who’s obsessed with fashion it’s an essential for my extensive bag and shoe collections—every girls dream! I purchased the bone inlay cabinet many years ago and it’s been a feature in all my apartments. I also love the quirkiness of the Fornasetti candles throughout the space. They not only smell incredible but give the apartment some extra personality. My large amethyst crystal is not only stunning but helps maintain a positive energy in the apartment.

Has the suburb you live in influenced your home design?

Moving so close to the water has definitely influenced the design. I’ve incorporated coral, crystals, and natural materials throughout the apartment. However, a lot of the key elements are classic pieces that I’ve collected over the years.

Omar Merced Photography


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