Without a Doubt, This Book Genre Will Give You Something to Laugh About

If you love entertainment that makes you laugh out loud while highlighting the absurdity in issues that are actually pretty serious, then you're probably a big fan of satirical fiction. Even if you aren't already, the reading list we compiled of the best 15 satirical books will definitely convert you. Think dark humor, plenty of irony, and exaggeration veering on fantasy, all in the name of critiquing problematic political structures, societal norms, and figures. The goal is to hyperbolize what we accept as normal and expose its underbelly while also helping us keep our sense of humor (albeit a dark one) along the way.

One might even say reading a satire book is like shooting the breeze and bantering with your charmingly intellectual and jaded uncle about the state of the world. Indeed, satire is a mode, a mood, a mockery, and so much more. Read on to get a sense of our 15 favorite satirical books to read if you love literature, history, and cultural critiques with a funny edge.