5 Ridiculously Easy Dishes You Can Make With a Mini Mixer

A Mini Mixer sitting on an artfully decorated countertop is a marker of a well-curated kitchen. But for those who have kitchenettes or moving into their first apartment without being a serial baker, the valuable countertop space might seem better spent for a more regularly used appliance for a novice cook. But does that mean you should put your dream of cooking up a storm in your Insta-worthy kitchen on pause? Not in the least.

You can get the chic Mini Mixer of your dreams that fits onto a teeny countertop with new KitchenAid's® Artisan® Mini Mixer. But style isn’t the only reason to own one: While you might think Mini Mixers are reserved for cookies and pie crust, there's actually a whole world of savory dishes you can make with the processor that turns cooking into one-step. 

Ahead, we rounded up some of our favorite savory meals you can literally whip up with just one product. Keep reading for five easy recipes you can make tonight.

Did we miss any other savory dishes that you can make with this handy appliance? Tell us in the comments below.