This Is How the Scandinavians Do Bohemian at Home

Whether you're an sworn maximalist or a devoted minimalist, the Scandinavian-bohemian combo is a fashionable fusion of both. It's a scaled-back and insanely stylish version of the free-spirited aesthetic set within the confines of a clutter-free zone. Perhaps it's the busy modern lives we lead (who has the time to be that organized?), or maybe it's our perpetual state of wanderlust, but this artful mix really hits home, and we're rejoicing in this cool "undone" yet curated boho-chic formula.

So how do you pair two opposing styles to create a harmonious blend? Because let's face it: Bohemian and minimal aren't two words we'd usually utter in the one sentence, let alone under one roof. It's important to remember this isn't as haphazard as the usual bohemian spread we've all come to know and love. To get this unique look right, you need to ensure the carefully edited and clean Scandinavian design thread still runs through each room. Think found objects and sentimental treasures expertly layered within a white room with an organized vibe.