6 Scandinavian Design Blogs to Transform Your Home Into a Minimalist's Haven

In many ways, Scandinavian design has influenced how we decorate around the world. From iconic Danish designers to the minimalist influences and the cozy vibes of hygge, we all take bits from Scandinavian design and make it our own: a linen throw here, a modern Danish chair there. Case in point: Some of the best Scandinavian design blogs hail from all over the world, from New Zealand to the Pacific Northwest to Greece. 

Do you love the minimal nature of Scandinavian interiors? Are you inspired by Swedish beach homes or Copenhagen apartments? Trust us, you'll want to follow these six Scandinavian design blogs. They'll provide you with a wealth of inspiration and information, from stunning home tours and carefully curated mood boards to personal home updates and décor trend reports. These are the Scandinavian design blogs we currently have bookmarked.