The Décor Brands Scandinavian Girls Love (and You Will Too)

Updated 10/10/17
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For years, friends have gushed about Scandinavia as the travel destination for anyone who loves home décor. And for years, I'd dismissed it, thinking that I could find the same wares to create that minimal, thrown-together look the Swedes and Danes do so well without booking a flight. But when I touched down in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a work trip, I found out I was totally wrong.

It took about five minutes of wandering the aisles of Illums Bolighus, a local department store, to realize that no one decorates like the Danes. We're fortunate enough to have access to brands like Hay (which is poised to launch a collaboration with IKEA, by the way) and Menu, but after spending a week in Denmark and Sweden, I realized there are a ton of lesser-known brands that belong on your radar. Admittedly, many of the gorgeous glassware and ceramic companies I fell in love with don't ship to the U.S., but I managed to find a few favorites that can be delivered to your door, sans passport.

Here are 15 products I discovered on a trip to Sweden and Denmark. Prepare to fawn.

AYTM Forest Globe Vase with Brass Stand $75

Sculptural vases are big in Denmark. This moss-colored glass orb looks beautiful with or without flowers. 

AYTM Grasil Candle Holders $200

Style this candle holder on a mantelpiece for an instant touch of cool. 

AYTM Stilla Rose Pouf $695

Blush pink pairs perfectly with any neutral or gray-toned base. 

Sakagerak Georg Bar Stool $350 $250

Simple and functional, this blond wood stool sums up great Scandinavian design. 

Norman Copenhagen Cap Modern Table Lamp $480

This navy mushroom-shaped lamp is the perfect addition to any nightstand. 

Norman Copenhagen Knot Chair $480

Style this simple woven chair in a set or solo for extra impact. 

Linum Marble Serving Board $169

Upgrade your cheese board game with this marble serving board. 

Linum Kahn Ball Napkin Ring $83

Have you ever seen cooler napkins? I wanted to wear these as jewelry when I came across them in store. 

Holmegaard Urania Acustic Sound Amplifier $53

The Scandinavians believe every item, no matter how big or small, should be well designed. This speaker is no exception. 

Hay Field Bread Board $63

This breadboard is designed with grooves to catch falling crumbs. 

Hay Slit Table $794

The perfect small find, this genius mirrored side table almost disappears. 

Ditte Fischer Classic Vase in Indigo $54

Style a single stem in this bulbous vase. 

Design House Stockholm Air Sideboard $1115

A blend of traditional and modern, this elegant sideboard sums up contemporary Scandinavian design. 

Design House Stockholm Tablo Tray Table $335

A classic monochrome side table to give your home a touch of Swedish style. 

Design House Stockholm Fields Stool $422

Tuck this upholstered stool under a bench or in a nursery for extra seating. 

Have you been to Sweden or Denmark? Tell us which home stores you loved most!

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