The Décor Brands Scandinavian Girls Love (and You Will Too)

For years, friends have gushed about Scandinavia as the travel destination for anyone who loves home décor. And for years, I'd dismissed it, thinking that I could find the same wares to create that minimal, thrown-together look the Swedes and Danes do so well without booking a flight. But when I touched down in Copenhagen, Denmark, for a work trip, I found out I was totally wrong.

It took about five minutes of wandering the aisles of Illums Bolighus, a local department store, to realize that no one decorates like the Danes. We're fortunate enough to have access to brands like Hay (which is poised to launch a collaboration with IKEA, by the way) and Menu, but after spending a week in Denmark and Sweden, I realized there are a ton of lesser-known brands that belong on your radar. Admittedly, many of the gorgeous glassware and ceramic companies I fell in love with don't ship to the U.S., but I managed to find a few favorites that can be delivered to your door, sans passport.

Here are 15 products I discovered on a trip to Sweden and Denmark. Prepare to fawn.

Have you been to Sweden or Denmark? Tell us which home stores you loved most!