9 of the Most Inspiring Scandinavian Living Rooms We Found on Instagram

Scandi living room

Courtesy of My Scandinavian Home

At the first sign of cooler weather, our homes enter their own form of hibernation. Out comes the chunky knit throw and the candles. We surround ourselves with more lighting and greenery to make up for the dwindling daylight hours and barren trees outside our window. We also, naturally, retreat to one of the coziest places in the home: the living room.

When looking for pointers on how to cozy up a space, look no further than Scandinavia⁠—the area of the globe comprised of Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. The tenants of Scandinavian design are largely intuitive. Scandinavians create bright, airy spaces to counteract the long, dark days of winter. All-white everything is common, but their palette also includes tan, gray, and black (Occasionally, you’ll see pops of blue, pink, or green in the form of accents). Scandinavians also favor design elements rooted in the natural world⁠—think wood floors, faux fur blankets and rugs, and lots of light-wood accents made from beech, ash, or pine. In general, spaces are minimalist with clean lines and zero clutter. 

For inspiration, we handpicked nine stunning Scandinavian living rooms on Instagram to inspire you to create your own sense of hygge at home. 

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White on White

White floors, white walls, white furniture⁠—Swedish blogger Therese Johansen nails the monochromatic color palette while maintaining depth with a gallery wall and black and gray accents.

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Pop of Pink

A multi-talented Oslo-based architect is behind this space. The tall ceilings are grounded by a marble coffee table, while a knotted pouf softens the hard edges of the room.

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Welcoming Nook

This nook is a prime example of stylish small-space living. Note the coat rack, which is cleverly used to suspend a task lamp.

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Cool Contrast

We weren’t surprised to learn that a graphic designer calls this Oslo pad home. Here, it’s all about contrast. The rounded furniture complements the strong lines of the ceiling, while a moody accent wall brings drama to an otherwise neutral space.

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The Dark Side

With varying shades of gray and black, this living room is a departure from the stark white palette in the best way possible.

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Gorgeous Gallery Wall

Niki Brantmark’s home in Skåne, Sweden, would be inspirational enough, but she also shares other chic spaces on her blog My Scandinavian Home and in her book Lagom, The Swedish Art of Living a Happy, Balanced Life.

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Thoughtful Touches

Everywhere you look, this Norwegian home packs a punch. We especially love the cork footstool and discrete wood paneling that doubles as wall art.

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Natural Touches

The earthy tones and tan accents in this Finnish sitting room reflect the natural elements on full display through the floor-to-ceiling windows.

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Eye-Catching Lighting

This gorgeous space was dreamt up by an interior design firm based in Stockholm. The chandelier is a showstopper, but if such a big piece is out of the budget, you can find striking lamps to add a similar feel.

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