This Is Happening: Scandinavian Simplicity

A trend has arisen that can be best described as simply Scandinavian. It's the look so many dwellers are after these days; light and bright with a combination of modern and classic furnishings, graphic art, and cozy accents. Little do those dwellers know, the Scandinavians have been doing it for years. Their long, dark winters inspire them to keep everything bright indoors, and their cutting edge design scene brings streamlined product into the home. Follow these guidelines to get the look in your own home, even if it's not in a Nordic country. _1 The main feature in a simple Scandinavian space is a neutral palette. Blacks, whites, and neutrals are shown in all shades. Accomplish this in your own home by applying a fresh coat of white to your walls, and if you're feeling daring, to your floors as well. The bright base will allow for neutral furnishings to add contrast and character.
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Charlotte Perriand Chairs, $18500 (Set of Six), 1st Dibs Linen Duvet Set, $99, H&M Home Vincent Van Duysen White Ceramic Canister, $235, Garde
_2 Scandinavians have a real nack for styling their homes casually. In general, there is minimal accessorizing, but when there are accessories they are placed in the perfect spot. Art is leaned instead of hung, books are stacked on the floor, and gallery walls accumulate organically.
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IKEA PS 2014 Wall Shelf, $50, Ikea Moss Knit Throw, $80, H&M Home Sheepskin Throw, $105, Design Within Reach
_3 A majority of the fabrics and furnishings in Scandinavian design are patternless, but when pattern is used it is clean and graphic. Pillows and throws are done in bold stripes, graphic cross prints, and two-toned designs. Stear clear of frilly patterned fabrics, ornate rugs, and complex art. After all, simplicity is what we're after.
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Union Rug Grey, From $99, Pattern Society Cotton Cushion Cover, $6, H&M Home Arrow Buttering Board, $21, Leif
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