11 Gender-Neutral Scottish Baby Names You'll Love

Updated 11/08/19
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Scotland: The land of rolling hills and lochs, bagpipes, whiskey, centuries-old castles, and some of the coolest, yet timeless, baby names we've ever heard. And while we're equally as interested in each aforementioned aspect of names, we're going to focus on the timeless bit. After rounding up some of our favorite gender-neutral baby names and then taking a look at some of the coolest British monikers, we decided it was time to head up further north for some baby-naming inspiration.

The best part about Scottish baby names? Most of them are gender-neutral, unique, and classic, which makes them easy favorites on our list of potential baby names. Take a look at our top favorites, add them to your own list, and then learn about the history behind each name.

The Best Scottish Baby Names

How to Say It: FIN-lee

Behind the Name: In Gaelic, Finlay means small blond soldier, and the Scottish interpretation is more along the lines of "fair hero." Like it's meaning, this name exhibits a bold, independent, and disciplined spirit.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Fiona, Macaulay, and Scottie

How to Say It: LOHK-len

Behind the Name: Lachlan means "of the lake," which speaks to gorgeous lochs of Scotland, which means lakes in Gaelic. It used to refer to the Vikings that invaded Scotland.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Declan, Gideon, and Gavin

How to Say It: ROH-ree

Behind the Name: Rory means "Red King" and has Celtic roots. It rolls right off the tongue, which gives it a buoyant, energizing beauty. It's often used as a nickname for Lorelei or Aurora, but stands on its own well, too.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Ivar, Myra, and Rowena

How to Say It: AYNZ-lee

Behind the Name: Ainslie means "one's own meadow." How empowering is that? It feels both classic and edgy, which is perfect for a baby to grow into.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Ailis, Archie, and Maeve

How to Say It: GREER

Behind the Name: Greer means alert, vigilant, and watchful, which is a nice strong contrast to the upbeat and snappy one syllable sound. It strikes a nice balance between being eclectic and simple.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Ewan, Keir, and Muir

How to Say It: SKIY

Behind the Name: A beautiful little island off the Scottish coast, this Scottish place name has a bohemian ring to it. Name your child Skye so they always remind you of the calm and ethereal blue upper atmosphere.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Kyla, Isla, and Lyle

How to Say It: LOH-gen

Behind the Name: Directly translating to "little hollow" in Gaelic, Logan has is a very rich and resonant name. It has a friendly and direct sound, which is quite the opposite of hollowness.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Angus, Lorna, and Sloan

How to Say It: AL-e-stayr

Behind the Name: The Gaelic form of Alexander, Alastair means "defender of mankind." It has a reputation as posh and sophisticated, though it also feels playful.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Blair, Sinclair, and Rhiannon

How to Say It: KAM-din

Behind the Name: It means "winding valley" but it's also a place name. The name Camden is a great alternative to Cameron or Connor if you're looking for something that's a little less common in the U.S.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Paden, Calum, and Campbell

How to Say It: LENN-ux

Behind the Name: Lennox means elm grove, which is great if you love subtle tree-inspired names. Though it's a Scottish name with a lot of history, it feels current and fresh.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Leith, Kendrix, and Knox

How to Say It: WAH-lis

Behind the Name: Wallace (which is also often spelled Wallis), which means "Welshman." It sounds strong, sophisticated, and friendly. Traditional yet offbeat, this name is an easy Scottish favorite.

Similar Scottish Baby Names: Maeve, Saundra, and Brice

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