11 Gender-Neutral Scottish Baby Names We Wish Our Own Parents Had Thought Of

Scotland: The land of rolling hills and lochs, bagpipes, whiskey, centuries-old castles, and some of the coolest yet timeless baby names we've ever heard (maybe I'm partial since my middle name is Lisle). And while we're equally as interested in each aforementioned aspect of names, we're going to focus on the timeless bit. After rounding up some of our favorite gender-neutral baby names and then taking a look at some of the coolest British monikers, we decided it was time to head up further north for some baby-naming inspiration.

The best part about Scottish baby names? Most of them are gender-neutral, unique, and classic, which makes them easy favorites on our list of potential baby names. Take a look at our top favorites below, add them to your own list (or go legally change your name if you're up for the process), and then learn about the history behind each name.