Second Life Podcast: Alli Webb on Turning Her Passion for Hair Into a Business

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Second Life

People with curly and straight hair alike know the power of a good blowout. It was this simple idea that catapulted Alli Webb from former hairstylist and stay-at-home mom to the haircare maven behind Drybar, the blow-dry bar that specializes in blowouts. Before discovering this untapped market in L.A., Webb honed her craft at beauty school on the East Coast, pivoted to a career in PR, and eventually found her way back to hair, where it all began. "It was just a whim and a hunch," Webb tells Hillary Kerr on episode 20 of Second Life.

Like many great entrepreneurs, Webb realized early on that college wasn't the right path for her. "I always loved beauty and fashion and always struggled with my naturally curly hair," she explains. "Those were the things that like got me excited, and I didn't know how to make a career out of those things at that time." After leaving school and holding down a few jobs in retail, Webb found her way to beauty school. "I felt I'd found my people," she says.

Although Webb found success in hairstyling, she proclaims that wanting more has been a theme in her life. "There's always something more to keep pursuing," she says. This mentality led her to make a major career switch and dive into the world of music PR before she again was ready for something new.

It wasn't until she moved to L.A. with her husband and started a family that hairstyling came back into her life. Soon enough, what began as a mobile blow-dry business turned into the incredibly successful haircare business Drybar. Webb credits her accomplishments to many factors falling into place throughout her life, as well as her entrepreneurial spirit that was coaxed by her parents from a young age.

Her secret to success? She's not afraid to fail. "I think you kind of have to dig deep and find the courage first and foremost to say, you know, it's okay if it doesn't work and I fail," she shares.

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