Second Life Podcast: How Amber Lewis Started an Interior Design Empire

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Second Life

Interior designer Amber Lewis, the force behind Amber Interiors, is proof that you don't necessarily need a college degree or a straightforward career path to find success. With just a few semesters in an interior design program at UCLA, Lewis found work as an assistant at an interior design firm and eventually branched out on her own. At the same time, the creative was getting married to a musician, having her first child, and taking every opportunity that came her way. "I was a perfect storm of … luck, talent, and timing," she tells Hillary Kerr on episode 32 of Second Life.

Lewis spent her early 20s touring around Europe with her husband and his band—a far cry from a traditional education and career path. When the two had their first child and bought a house, Lewis quickly realized that she needed to fulfill her passion for interior design. "Once I get my mind set on something, I'm not satisfied until I've achieved that goal," she says. When a mentor encouraged Lewis to go out on her own, her blog was born, and the rest is history.

She parlayed that blog into a thriving business, taking on clients from around the world and showcasing her work to devoted followers. Now, she's working on her first book and continuing to create new goals for herself. "Every year and every day, I just create a new goal to strive after," she explains. 

Looking back on her success, the one thing she'd do differently is slow down. "There was so much pressure for me to hurry up," she says. "I would just say, 'Slow down and enjoy it a little bit.'"

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